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California, Really?


Heard that as well. I grew up with guns living in Wyoming and I respect what they are and what they can do…but I don’t want one here in SoCal. Besides, don’t think I’d be able to shoot worth a crap if I was stoned. I’ll take the green over the metal.


I will be adding 2% bacon


Looks like the legal weed business is about to receive a punch anyway. Jeff Sessions sent a letter to all federal prosecutors to enforce the federal ban on weed.
But hey, he’s got access to the world’s latest research about weed. He said “it’s only a little less dangerous than heroin” and that “good people don’t smoke maharihujiana. Mariachis. Eh, you know this stuff that makes you lazy and worthless”. If he doesn’t know what’s best for us, who does?


Shouldn’t need a license to own a gun…period. But, I refuse to get political on here so i am just going to drop the mic.


@Cooter1 I dropped it last week, then ran it over for good measure.