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Cannabis Cappuccino


The title says it all.
I’m expecting the coffee to be FA Cappuccino.
I’m thinking the coffee should be relatively mild for it to work with marijuana.

I have no experience with any marijuana flavors at all. Besides candy and the real stuff.
I’m visualizing it as a coffee vape with the cannabis as a green tea twist.
Would be a pretty unique recipe if cannabis flavor was used for the tea i think.

Has anyone experienced a single flavor or mix that tastes similar to marijuana?


So far TPA Mary Jane is the best bet.

Has anyone tried this flavoring? :thinking:




Thank you very much! :hugs:

Have you tried it yourself?


If i had clicked the link i would see it was your own flavor notes.

Thanks many times Kinnick.


Back when I was doing a great deal of taste testing & reviews of synth tobaccos, Euroflavor sent me every tobacco they had and a few other flavors which I requested. The Amsterdam was in the package… and yes, it does have an uncanny likeness to some really good bud.

I never tried the TPA MJ, so I can’t compare the two for you. However, I was very taken with the EF Amsterdam. It reminded me of the “Elvis”/medicinal stuff I used to get from a fellow who used to pride himself in growing one hit strains.


Couldn’t have asked for a better response…

You’re the best. :heart_eyes:


I really think a good cannabis flavor would be a awesome twist on coffee instead of green tea.
The cannabis should be much deeper and bolder to support the coffee. So instead of adding green tea as a high note, cannabis would be a heavy support in the ‘middle’ of the mix almost as dominant as the coffee and the creams should be the high note.

Sounds amazing i know right?


Advice from the Top! Mr @Kinnikinnick offers trusted advice. I say the coffee part may be more elusive. Coffee and Tea is a “Dirty Chai” in the US. you can search here on ELR for Dirty Chai (prior topic). Booster (Tiramisu) (FA) might be a good/better choice for the coffee. The “Amsterdam” (EF) might be dank enough to spice it up and hit your target. “Dank”? Now we know the pop culture origin of that word! :sunglasses: …you might be onto something. Be sure to share!


I’m expecting (hoping) the cannabis will give a deep, dark green, bold, just a tiny bit earthy and leafy note which would compliment the coffee’s brown and earthy notes very well. The flavor profile will be dark green and brown. With some creams added so it doesn’t get too heavy.

It won’t be Dank kush right in your face.
It’s all about balance.


Well shit, Euroflavor isn’t available in Europe.


Well poop! I wouldn’t have talked that up so much had I known you were in the EU… my bad. :disappointed_relieved:

It is kinda crazy that EF is made in Germany, but not available anywhere in the EU. :thinking:


I know right?


A 10ml from NicotineRiver is $3.20 which is within the limit for what we can import without getting raped by customs. But shipping from the US would most likely end up around $10. If i have to i have to… But i usually try to avoid this exact thing…
Checked all my typical vendors. None have Euroflavor.
Have to keep looking.


I had a bottle of Rasta Blood by Fusion Vapor and that uses (TPA) Mary Jane, it has a more resin / homegrown weed taste than a skunky vibe, very earthy.



TPA Mary Jane would be much easier to get a hold of inside Europe.

Do you have an opinion on that particular flavor? :blush:


I enjoyed it although I would prefer a skunky taste, there is a clone of Rasta Blood here:


It has 3 stars on ELR and people over there mentioned it tasted like pine.
But now i’m optimistic about it again, thank you!
I’m gonna have to go buy it now.

I think a more heavy skunk flavor would suite the coffee best. it still shouldn’t overpower anything else.
But both skunky or resin weed is loaded with potential!


I’m surprised there’s isn’t a more skunky flavour, it would be a top seller imo


Cannabis would be a hit for anyone into florals! :slightly_smiling_face:


Never heard of this company but they claim their concentrates are the best thing… :thinking: