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Cannabis Cappuccino


They have a shitton of cannabis flavors!! White widow, Sonoma Coma, Strawberry Cough among others. Lol.

Cannabis mixes well with just about anything else you throw at it. It’s a proven concept!



They’re flavorings is also insanely cheap. 10x 30ml of finished cannabis E-liquid for £20. £2 per 30ml.
It must be good!
100ml finished Banana custard E-liquid £10.


Perhaps there is a perceived lack of demand for that flavor by manufactures for the North American market?
After all, thrifty U.S. DIY’ers can keep their eyes open for road kill when driving and find the key ingredient they need to easily make their own NET style flavoring. :smile:


Was about to order TPA Mary Jane when i read the description.

Shameless copy-paste from CloudHouse Vapor.

''Mary Jane Flavor
Water soluble.

This flavor was 6 months in development, and is a fairly close approximation of the flavor of cannabis.

We want to stress that it is an artificial blend that contains no active ingredients, just flavor. We have had feedback about ways to experiment with this one, try adding a little vanilla, and if you’re looking for that “skunk cabbage” note, try adding a little of the Kona Coffee.

Ingredients:Natural & Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol.’’

Then i went on ELR to look Kona Coffee up because it doesn’t ring any bells.
2.5 Stars.
The first couple comments is about how strong it is. And some think it has a weird smell.
Sounds promising…

Then you scroll further down and see people are using it as a single flavor at 10%. Must be very old reviews.

When the only thing we need it for is to bring out the skunky note in TPA Mary Jane i don’t think it would matter much if the flavor sucked.

But they also said on ELR it had been discontinued due to low sales but was made available again when people got pissy. So i don’t know if they still make it?


TPA still makes Coffee (Kona)



TPA Coffee (Kona) is of course, also a pain to get.
I might have to, for the sake of the recipe.
But i’m hoping a bit that Cappuccino FA would be able to bring out skunky notes while staying a coffee flavor.
Unless Coffee (Kona) really is as bad as they make it out to be other coffees should also be able to do the trick?
I’m sure it’s the bitterness in the coffee that does it.


Review of TPA Coffee (Kona) from ELR.

‘‘Tried a 3% mix - this $#&* would make a TOILET gag. SUPER nasty skunk smell and taste. Threw away the coils/cotton/and glass bottle I mixed it in.’’

This is the flavor.


This company lists several Caanabis strain flavors based on the terp profile of several common strains.
A little chasing down the SDS sheets will reveal the percents and terps used.
Cherry Pie

  1. Myrcene
    Concentration <= 47 % (volume)

  2. Alpha Pinene
    Concentration >= 11 % (volume)

  3. Beta Caryophyllene
    Concentration >= 10 % (volume)

  4. Ocimene
    Concentration >= 6 % (volume)

  5. Humulene
    Concentration <= 6 % (volume)

  6. Limonene
    Concentration <= 4 % (volume)

  7. Beta Pinene
    Concentration >= 3 % (volume)

  8. Linalool
    Concentration <= 3 % (volume)

  9. Phytol
    Concentration 2 % (volume)

  10. Nerolidol
    Concentration <= 2 % (volume)

  11. Alpha Bisabolol
    Concentration <= 2 % (volume)

  12. Geraniol
    Concentration >= 1 % (volume)

  13. Terpinolene
    Concentration <= 1 % (volume)

  14. Caryophyllene Oxide
    Concentration <= 1 % (volume)

  15. Citronellol
    Concentration <= 1 % (volume)

  16. Fenchol
    Concentration < 1 % (volume)

  17. Terpineol
    Concentration < 1 % (volume)

  18. Borneol
    Concentration < 1 % (volume)

  19. Camphene
    Concentration < 1 % (volume)

  20. Eucalyptol
    Concentration < 1 % (volume)

  21. Valencene
    Concentration < 1 % (volume)

Like so.
I haven’t tried them personally but I am in contact with a few people testing the products.
I picked up 4 of the most prevalent terps from TPA a while ago but still haven’t done much with them just yet.


TPA Mary Jane was horrible, I’d give you mine but shipping would cost more then you could buy it there


They have it here

I don’t know what the Cinnamon Red Hot does in the description though :expressionless:
Something must’ve gone wrong there, it is not on the page.


I haven’t tried it myself, but every person I have seen that has, absolutely hates it and says it’s like vaping straight Pine-Sol cleaner! Tastes absolutely nothing like the real deal. It’s too bad you don’t have access to EuroFlavors because @Kinnikinnick’s recommendation is about the only flavor close to the real deal. I still have my 15ml sample bottle I can send over on a carrier pigeon for ya :wink:

I’m not into coffee flavors myself, but had to make a few juices for a company, so I would recommend FA’s Dark Bean at low %s? I seemed to have some success with that one as a coffee flavor, although I am far from an expert in the coffee realm.

I wonder if you messed around with FA’s Basil (which I’ve never had) and a few others, if you would get the rough green profile. If you have ever stuck your nose in a 1# bag of basil, you would know it comes pretty damn close!! I know when my cooks are stinking like gonja, they always try to use the excuse they were cleaning basil for pesto and that’s why :crazy_face:


I’m able to get pretty much all TPA flavors inside Europe much easier than say, Euroflavor.
But UK isn’t a part of EU anymore after Brexxit… Gj… So there’s also a customs limit there.
And it seems like most vendors don’t want anything to do with this coffee. :baby_chick:


Shit, i thought Dark Bean and Cappuccino was the same stuff… I’ll have to get Dark Bean and test it out too for sure.
As far as TPA Mary Jane goes i know pretty much all reviews says it sucks. Plus i plan to mix it with Coffee (Kona). Lol what am i doing. I’m of course hoping it will be similar to real bud, but like basil i think i could also work around pine… Maybe?


Screw it! These cannabis concentrates sucks i’m gonna make my own.
Lol. I really don’t want to do that if i don’t have to.
Have never worked with terpenes before. Probably the most unforgiving diy experience you could have.


Just smoke a joint and sip an espresso…


At this point, people probably just think i have a thing for cannabis.
But i’m sure if you take dark brown and combine it with dark green you get a new color in between.
With the best notes of both ingredients hopefully.
It’s not cannabis and cappuccino. It’s Cannabis Cappuccino. :wink:


No, I know, I get it. I was just teasing. It’s just a hassle without any good flavors to stat out with. Someone needs to get on that!! They could create an entirely new line of narco flavors!! Kush, Opium, Hash, PcP, Meth… Someone would buy them!! There’s a market for everyone!!

Making you’re own would be the way to go though. Instead of making butter, you could make vegetable glycerin :slight_smile:


Sounds pretty awesome. I would buy at least a couple.



Making your own cannabis flavor. Same process as making butter (for brownies, cookies, etc) or candies, whatever. Just infuse it into your VG. I’ve done it with ginger, tea and a few other things, so I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t


Ohhh, i get it. I thought you were pulling my leg or also talking about terpenes.

If you were to guesstimate how many grams would you think one would need for 10ml concentrate?
We’re a hash smoking nation, really good bud is more expensive than good hash. So that’s the ‘norm’.
Plus we have Christiania right in our capital. With ‘Pusherstreet’ even though cannabis is illegal in the whole country. Hash is easier to smuggle.

But that sounds bomb!