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Cannabis Cappuccino


But that shit would get me high as a kite you know?
I can’t filter out the cbd and thc?..

Edit; I Should really try and vape some unfiltered cannaconcentrate…


There is a Hops flavor too …maybe some Basil and some Yakima Hops (Flavorah) (…and some pencil shavings and some lawn clippings)


From ELR.

'‘skunky, bitter, resin-ey, refreshing at low concentration (kinda like ginger); cannabis/marijuana aroma; musk; terpenes (i.e. pine, lemon, lime, rosemary, thyme, basil); springtime’

At lot of people notice it’s pine. Sounds like you’re really on to something with Flavorah Hops!


Still from ELR.

ginger, zen garden (basil/rosemary/thyme type herbs), lime, blackberry, mint/peppermint, flash,

Experimenting with: malt, cactus; spearming/peppermint; ginger; champagne; lime; orange; orange cream; pineapple; blueberry; cap blackberry; passionfruit; reggae nights; zen garden; ?shade, desert ship, glory, royal, storm, ozone, flash (*BLACK PEPPER EXTRACT TRY THIS! black pepper has similar terpenes to MJ), aurora

other potential pairings: anise; basil; rosemary; milk&honey?; raspberry? strawberry?, bourbon/whisky/ brandy, red oak; ?FA BEER?, Joy, funnel cake, biscuit, shortbread cookie, CHOCOLATE/CHOCOLATE FUDGE/vanilla, flash (black pepper), RY4 double,
reggae nights–i’m almost sure this is just hops with MAYBE a tiny dash of zen garden

kona coffee–worst piece of shit flavor ever; tfa kona coffee tastes like the worst scratch & sniff sticker ever’’

I haven’t tried Zen Garden FA but ELR says it’s mostly basil and oregano you get from it.
That also sounds full of potential!


Have also pretty much only heard bad stuff about Reggae Night FA, but those reviews are pretty old by now.
3 reviews on ELR and the most detailed review tested at four drops to one ml, so that’s crazy high.
Might have been noobs that were experimenting?

Description from Flavourart
’‘The funniest flavor of all !!! Due to its composition, this flavor must be SHAKEN WELL BEFORE USE. It delivers a slight blue color to eliquid. This is normal.’’


So this is happening…

I’ll let you know how it goes @Nco!


Please don’t steal my recipe! :kissing_heart::wink:


Lmao if it’s good you can have it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And if it’s shit who can have it then? :sweat_smile:


The toilet. :rofl:


Lol i really like the name.


The person you have to worry about stealing it is Starbuks (sp intended)

Heh …Rolling Dirty Chai

…and “Coffee Pot” is genius


:rofl: tyvm


I’m vaping it right now… Its gonna need to steep for damn sure, but the snv is actually not terrible! :grinning: Its got an earthy herby thing going on that seems like it might work! I think the %s probably need to be raised, maybe 2.5% for the Amsterdam and 6-7% for the white coffee.


Yeah, i was kind of expecting about a week steep time. Sounds very nice… Wish i could try it! :astonished::blush:
Hopefully it will blend more together?


Yeah I’ll revisit in a week. I also found my tester bottle of white coffee 8% that has about 5ml left in it, and added some Amsterdam to that, about 2% just to see what it’s like with the coffee being steeped. Its super interesting. 2% doesn’t seem too high (no pun intended :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) but the coffee part is weak. I’m gonna add 1 drop of inw tiramisu to it and see if it punches up the coffee a bit.

Edit: yep that tiramisu pushed the coffee flavor forward! But now the Amsterdam disappeared… :thinking:
I’m gonna mix up another tester.

White coffee 8%
Tiramisu .4%
Amsterdam 3%


That was what i was going for!
Sounds soo good.
Is the green notes melting into the coffee like a mango visually? :hugs:


Yeah they really are! They blend surprisingly well!




I’m sure cannabis would also mix well with chocolate. :wink: