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Cannabis Cappuccino


What the f…


Well that sucks… :confused:


But this was with UPS Worlwide Express, they’re 2nd most expensive/fastest option… :astonished:
So i asked if he could give me UPS Worldwide Expedited instead, which is 2-3 days slower and hopefully cheaper, haven’t gotten a reply yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


What the F indeed! For that price it better be a damn good flavor.

Thanks. I couldn’t find it at the usual haunts so I’ll order direct. I can’t complain about shipping after seeing what it’s going to cost @Nco


The 10ml ‘sample’ is $3,20 and the 4oz is $7,80.
Just get the 4oz and pay the $10 shipping charge. Lol :smile:
Spoiled brat.


Oh I’ll get the 4oz for sure. What’s strange is on mobile I can try all day long but I’m unable to select a size. Perhaps I’ll have to change my browser or boot up a damn computer.

It’s kind of strange that I’d want a cannabis flavor but I think it’d compliment the CBD. I have to say I’m glad I opened this thread because I thought TPA Mary Jane was the only one out there. After reading reviews on that one a couple of months ago I decided to pass. Cut grass just didn’t sound good lol.

lol. I can’t complain at all compared to your $60 bottle of flavoring that you may not even like lol


Sorry mate, i got carried away with plums.

This is the second time i see you mention cannabis, would compliment cbd.
What cbd are we talking about here? Cbd from cannabis is tasteless? :upside_down_face:


The isolate I have has added terpenes so the finished liquid has a distinct flavor. Alpha pinene and linalool are dominant so its got a light pine flavor with a more noticeable lavender vanilla flavor. I think it’d be an interesting combination.

You’re right though the CBD itself is basically tasteless. What I want to do is find some strain specific terpene profiles to add to the CBD. I think adding the Amsterdam flavor will take things to the next level. I haven’t indulged in the greenery in many many years but I always liked the taste of some quality herb.



Flavorah Yakima Hops


Still Flavorah Yakima Hops


Me too. By my aunt who was also my 1st grade teacher. In front of the whole class.