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Cannabis Cappuccino


You know, it might! I don’t do chocolate vapes though… all I get from them is dusty- chalk ickiness. :laughing:
Then again, I don’t do coffee vapes either yet here I am… Lmao


I’m sure the key to mixing with marijuana is bold flavors, something that can stand up against the cannabis.
So coffee, chocolate, alcohols like brandy and rum. I think if you combined it with a very floral raspberry for example it would get too weird and floral. But it would most likely play very well with a sweet raspberry! :slightly_smiling_face:
But still, i say this without ever having tried marijuana in flavoring form. So i could be full of shit.


I think it would blend well with blueberry! And probably other fruits too. Actually mango might be nice.
Mango, rum, and weed… Hmmm :thinking:


Ok I have a recipe that’s exactly that…:joy:

Its suuuuper weird. Tastes a bit like soap…


Sounds like a killer combo to be honest.

Mango papaya + cannabis doesn’t sound bad either…


Is it at least good tasting soap? Lmao


Oh totally! Fruity floral soap. I wish the soap my mom used to wash my mouth out with when I was a foul-mouthed little kid would have been this instead of Irish Springs!
Aaand I have a bottle that is from last June… I’m vaping that now. Look what you made me do!


You actually got your mouth washed with soap?.. Shit lmao… I once tried to eat soap. I know what it tastes like.


Fuck yeah I did. Blech…


I may have to get my hands on a cannabis flavor or two and some individual terpenes to mix with my Cbd. I will say JACBD’s calm blend is quite a nice lavender vanilla.

I did a couple of times until I started requesting Irish spring. It was then my mom thought it didn’t phase me so she didn’t bother.


Did you test it?!
Or are you going to let it steep for a bit?




I didn’t test it yet, I’ll try that one today and then throw it in the steep box till next week. :+1:


Nice! :slightly_smiling_face:
I wrote an email to Euroflavor begging them to ship me a 4oz of Amsterdam…


With the recipes you already tried, would you know it was cannabis used for the green note if you didn’t know it?


@VapeyMama dumb question, do you know of anywhere that sells Amsterdam in the US besides the euroflavors website? I’d like to add it to a normal flavor order because shipping costs are almost double the price of the sample bottle lol. So at minimum $10 for 10ml!


Only if I tried really hard to taste it.


I don’t, I’m sorry! I got mine as a free sample to test.




Didn’t think they were actually gonna reply!!