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Cap creamy yogurt


Wanted to try my hand at a yogurt mix. Idk if it is just me but the yogurt just tastes like bad milk or cheese. Just going for a simple mix on this one. Anyone had success with this flavor?

I did 5% yogurt
3% ripe strawberry and sweet strawberry.

Strawberry yogourt

@DatManWolf you and me both :wink: It’s not that simple… It is the rare flavor that delivers 100% of that label name. They are by design just thin slices of a flavor, and finding the proper pairing is the real path of DIY. The best example is your Strawberries …it takes two eh? Same with Yogurt. You need a Dairy component. I’ve tried all the yogurts and mostly they are just the “funk” and little-to-no dairy. Creamy Yogurt (CAP) is in the top three Yogs for me, but you are going to need to pair with a cream or milk and maybe even a little secret weapon to make it all PoP!
Coconut @ 0.5%?
Vanillin @ 1%

There are lots of “milks” and maybe you have some, but good old Milkshake/Ice Cream kinda Creams can work too. It it’s getting to thickly creamy you could def bump those SBs to 4%. Sweetness and mouthfeel are important, so maybe some Meringue @ 1% or Marshmallow? Best start is using the Tools here on ELR Home. Search for Creamy Yogurt (CAP) and look at “Recipes” and “Notes” below to uncover what other pairings folks use for the Dairy component.

I shy away from giving you everything. The drive to conquer your Yogurt Masterpiece could result in something great! …plus there’s plenty to learn on the way …and thanks for sharing it all!


I use Cap Creamy Yogurt quite a bit. It is a long steeper and will taste like sweaty gym socks until it’s steeped. I also add around 1% FA Whipped Cream and 1% FA Yogurt to help round it out.


Well I could hope for simple. I already do several mixes with 7+ flavors and while I love them, it does get tedious to mix. You dream crusher! UGH! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just didn’t want to buy another round of 10 flavors to get a mix down. Welp, back to the drawing board.


Well, the recipe I found said it was shake and vape. I feel lied to. Like a locked door when the open sign is on.


I get straight up vomit from cap creamy yogurt. No amount of steeping has fixed that for me unfortunately.


Well that is disheartening. I essentially wanted to duplicate JuicyOhms Ohmgurt. It’s by far the best yogurt vape I have had. Pretty much spot on. But no one has seemed to clone it as of yet.

I do know what you mean on the taste. I got that when I tried playing with FW milk.

I plan to play with it some more and hopefully conquer it. Probably have to grab a few yogurt flavors to round it out. along with some dairy milk and maybe play with my creams in it.

I did add Cap Vanilla bean ice cream to it and that seemed to make it better. So I see there is hope.


Any thing with Cap Creamy Yogurt is definitely not shake and vape.


Haven’t tried that one yet. From these replies, I’m in no rush. I do get really good results with FW Yogurt though. My wife’s top 5 faves have three with FW yogurt in them.


See? we’re in the same boat. There’s a secret ingredient which makes these Commercial Yogs like spot on grainy creamy sour yogurt. It’s a huge unsolved clone mystery and there is a HUGE amount of misdirects out in RecipeTown by folks claing stuff like SnV status. Hang in Brofessor! The Crown will go to the MoFo that cracks the DIY recipe for spot on Yogurt. You can come close, but nailing that Commercial recipe? White Whale! One thing I want to try is OOO Sour Cream …realizing that when most clones are revealed they are usually simple, just a proper pairing. Just be aware sometimes that’s often more of a chemical pairing than a flavor-name-on-a-bottle pairing …but come on “Sour Cream” and a Yog? …it could happen.


K.I.S.S? (untested)
Creamy Yogurt (Cap) 3%
Yogurt (FA) 1%
Strawberry (Ripe) 4%
Sweet Strawberry (Cap) 3%
Cream Fresh (FA) 1%
Dulce De Leche (Cap) 1% (secret ingredient contains citric and malic acids)


I got everything but the FA yogurt. But I can give it a go and see what happens. Maybe I will email juicyohms and ask for the recipe. LOL wouldn’t that be nice.


I like the looks of this one and you may be on to something with your secret weapon.


After you get done with Juicy Ohms, could you give the Schwartz a call and ask for their yogurt base? I’m sure they’d pass it along.


Yeah you could make without the FA Yogurt. The real problem tackling this clone is the 3-4 week steep


Well my strawberry milk requires that long to be top notch. I Will make a 10ml and let it sit for a few weeks and see how it goes.


Will do! lol


It’s Amoretti not OOO.
Intensely Sour it gets right in your face and Yells Sour Cream.
As much heming and hawing as I did before finally stepping up and buying it it’s become one of my more reached for flavors.


Out of curiosity, does the tpa version of dulce de leche also contain malic and citric acids?


I totally get that. Some of the ones I thought would be ugly (like LA Cream Cheese Icing) are right up there with any other flavors I use. I was on the same fence with yogurts but they’re great.