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Capella Vanilla Custard V1 vs V2


It worked for me for a while. Then I stepped up my game and got nic sourced from NicSelect. Most people here who use it get it from Heartland

You know, I haven’t noticed smell really. I just now popped the top on my CAP Vanilla Custard V2 and V1. There is a noticeable difference in smell when comparing side-by-side but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily bad in V2. I don’t breathe many of my mixes at all, only when I detect alcohol in a flavor. In the case of these VCs I don’t breathe them at all.


I have mixed a few recipes using both since I started this thread. And I can honestly say I see what you guys mean about the vomit aftertaste. It’s not really vomit to me. But it is a kind of mild sour kinda note. It’s not that I won’t use the V2 to make anything else. But I will be happy when it’s gone. I may order a small bottle again in a pinch. Because the juice I made with it is definitely vapable. But the off-taste is definitely noticable.


So V1 is the way to go? Seems like the V2 is losing any chance of purchase w every post! Going to add the V1 and use the TPA V Custard til its gone. Like how the TPA has mixed look forward to the Cap as I hear only good things about it


I won’t order V2 any more if V1 is available. But if I need to mix a small batch and V1 isn’t available I might consider V2. I don’t hate it. But I like V1 better.

This all depends on the percentage of Vanilla Custard being used too. I made Unicorn Milk with V2 and it turned out really good. But I can tell it was made with V2, and I am a noob. I suggest you try a small bottle and see what you think.


Honestly I think people should try a sample size of each. I didn’t care much for the TPA DX Bavarian Cream as a standalone, but it’s fine in a mix. I’m not terrified of diacetyl, acetoin, etc, but it doesn’t make sense to me to be using them if I’m OK with diketone-free alternative.


Ya your right in that. I hated the TPA cheesecake but that’s just because It wasn’t what I was looking for, shouldn’t be too quick to judge something though. Now I think the TPA cheesecake has a place and it just has to be found. Tried a few but thinking next step is something fruity, strawberry cheesecake maybe or just used in addition to some mixes. As everything is to each their own


It’s like how I feel about bleu cheese. Tastes like pure butyric acid on its own, but you add a lot of spinach, some raspberries, walnuts, and vinaigrette dressing, and that’s a whole nother thing. :yum: (talking about food, not eliquid)


I’m sure hot wings flavor is coming…they have damn near everything else haha


I saw Green Pepper on ECX last night lol


There’s a saying that’s pretty popular with another DIY group: “Friends don’t let friends vape savory”.

If you haven’t vaped a bacon, pizza, or other savory flavor, don’t worry. You aren’t missing anything good.


Yeah, I am 100% positive Green Pepper will never find it’s way onto my shelf :flushed:


Finally put my money where my mouth is and did this. Mixed up 2 batches of this:

0.5% Marshmallow (FA)
4% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
4% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
8% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)***

***One with V1 and one with V2

After a one week steep, the V1 was really good. The V2 was underwhelming. I also noticed a lot of the well reviewed recipes for V2 rarely go over 3 or 4% so I should probably mix something where it’s less dominant before I decide final opinions. But initial impression: I would not choose V2 as a standalone or primary flavor.


My plans for my V2…
Mix using V1 as I normally would, and add a drop of V2 to every bottle I mix until it’s gone :wink:


Hey Zigz… @LordVapor told me “Friends don’t let friends vape salads” when I was speaking about a tossed salad recipe I am concocting FA Bell Pepper is part of the recipe…but in this case…it’s gonna be great… :slight_smile: But back to the topic…I mixed Cap Custard V2 and steeped it for 7 weeks…Vaped it, but failed to finish the whole tank…not my cup of tea…I got a V1 steeping now at 20%.at about 3 weeks in…can tell by smell that it is gonna be a totally different experience…Butyric Acid is the substitute component in the V2…which is often found in V2s and DX flavors…of custards, creams and such…Note: there is a thread up in here talking about the no-diketone flavors…seems that most prefer V1s…


Well I guess I am the odd man out
But I go thru so much VC mix I would hate to say on here
I do use the v2 in my custard
I seriously vape 480 ml a month of it
So I 120 ml a week
I am afraid to use that much of
DDL fw 2%
French Vanilla cap v2 1.5%
VC cap v2 12 to 15 %
After month steep I like it
Was using v1 VC
TPA DDL flavor but has warning


Yup, I’ve posted in that thread. I’m one of the people who greatly prefers V1 to V2 for Cap’s Vanilla Custard.


Can’t wait for my V1 to finish steeping…How long do you generally steep your custards?


A month is pretty safe, but sometimes I am impatient. :blush:


cool…at 3 weeks now…maybe I will cut my 7 week steep to 5…


I honestly haven’t tasted much difference between 1 week and 4+ weeks on the recipe I’m vaping today. It’s pretty fantastic pretty fast!