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CBD, Parkinsons & Fibromyalgia (UK)


I am so glad you are getting relief. Cbd products have changed my life on many levels. Here is a link to the distributer that we get our cbd crystals and edibles from. The owners name is Chris Tulien.


Just a FYI, we had some issues with Phytodabs. We make CBD pain salve and placed a large isolate order . It took over a month to receive our shipment. Hopefully they have worked out their shipping issues.


Thanks for your support again Robin! Yes, I must say CBD is a bit of an eye opener for us - almost magical after so many bad experiences with prescribed meds. We’ve had a great day today; all due to a rice grain of CBD and a good night’s sleep.:grinning:

I clicked the link but it just shows a dummy wordpress page so I assume it’s US only. :cry:


Oh-oh Thanks for the heads up - actually, I was just reading about a few problems they’ve had. I’ve not heard back from them for a day or two so I’m not getting my hopes up. Bit of a nightmare when they’re one of the few places that might be able to help me.
Very interested to hear you make salve. I saw some on cbdbrothers site but didn’t read further. If it cures dry/itchy skin my partner would explode with delight and I’d get another gold star!


Yes i just asked chris if he ships to the UK and he does not, due to the high shipping cost. Have you tried amazon UK ? they have some pretty decent prices. on a variety of products. If i hear of anyone here shipping to the Uk. Ill let you Know… If you can get high CBD buds, you could always soak it in VG for 4-6 weeks and make your own liquid. I know that a long time but it does work for medicinal purposes


Thanks for talking to Chris for me. Very kind of you.

Thanks also for the link. I’m off to do a bit of research on it.
Actually there are lots of cbd liquids on sale in the UK. They are very expensive (and of dubious origin) and have recently become illegal** as they are “CBD products” which are now classified as medicines. Pure CBD isolate is not illegal however as it is not classified as a medicine**. I really want to get the isolate so I know what I’m dealing with.

** As far as I understand, which isn’t very far at all!


Have you bought from these guys lately @Ken_O_Where? I’ve bought from them in the past without problem… now their URL has changed to http://cb-distillery.com/ and they have a French based CC service (Elvi Authorized) that I’ve never heard of. I’m a little reluctant …


[–]TacosAreYum 1 point 2 hours ago

That’s because they took their old domain down temporarily. They announced this on their Instagram. The new temporary testing site is http://cb-distillery.com/.

Thats from reddit, first i had heard of it. Perhaps they had issues with the hosting company or something. I tried to find the intsagram post but i have no idea how to navigate that mess. I would suggest using caution as i couldnt find any explanation for this, shoot them an email and see what they have to say.


This is VERY interesting… Thanks @eL12


According to evil ole Facebook they had some sort of credit card fraud going on and issued a lot of refunds to customers. Someone bought a lot of their product with stolen credit cards. Apparently their host and credit card provider cut them loose. It’s a shame because I really liked their products and prices.


@mstokens Very interesting. What a shame.

Here in the UK, I wanted to order isolate from CBDistillery but their faq (on the old site) said US only. I just tried the new site and got all excited when the checkout said something like “shipping/taxes calculated to the UK”. But the payment page is still US only. :cry:

Note for UK peeps: I tried Phytodabs (who said they ship to the UK) also - but that fell apart on finding a way to pay them outside their website where, it seems, non-US CC transactions fail without any reason being given.


You could try https://www.grasscompany.com/en/cbd-oil/
They have lots of CBD product crystals included. Prices vary for different products and they ship to the UK. Code SHARE10 will get you 10% off.


As difficult as obtaining CBD is proving for you I wonder if street weed would be a cheaper and more dependable option. Turning it into Alcohol Tincture or Coconut Oil is a fairly simple process and if you skip the decarb step it stays mostly THCA and CBDA and will be low Psychoactivity.
Ongoing studies are showing THC or THCA is often needed for full relief depending on the person and symptoms their trying to alleviate.

For more general info on the whole Cannabis subject, Strains best at certain ailments and other useful information.


@Josephine_van_Rijn Certainly looks promising - if expensive! :frowning: I’ll check them out. Thanks for the link and code Josephine. :thumbsup:

@Bob_Bitchen Wow! What a great link - so much to read. So little time to read it! :smile: Thanks very much Bob.


UPDATE: CBD Isolate:
My order of 1g 99.9% CBD isolate from PhytoDabs arrived today.
Including shipping and Visa FX charges, I paid GBP54. (That’s a tad under half what I’d have paid in the UK from, say, grasscompany.com)
I found PhytoDabs a pleasure to deal with but they are still sorting themselves out and, exceptionally, one reply to an email took nearly 2 weeks. (They apologised profusely though!)
I wrote above that, on their website, “non-US CC transactions fail”. Thats not true. My payment fell through because of the way I entered my UK address. I can’t remember exactly now, but I just had to fiddle my address around a bit on the payment page and the transaction went through fine. Once I got that fixed, it took two weeks for my order to arrive. Actually, from the date of dispatch, it took less than 3 days via Fedex. No hassle with customs or import duty (which I was greatly afraid of).
So, overall, A Good Experience! I like companies who are courteous and make you feel they’re on your side.

UPDATE: She Who Must Be Obeyed:
She is still in pain but doing well. :smile: I wrote, very happily, that she gave up smoking in another thread. We saw the Parkies specialist a few weeks ago and now have an appointment with the rheumatologist coming up but the dreadful pain she experienced has not returned in such force and, apparently, it may not be fibromyalgia after all. :pray: Bloods are atrocious for iron though. Just a count of 7 when they should be between 40-400. Supplements are being taken!
Note: At the moment her face is smeared with some disgusting brown substance. She says it is a cinnamon face pack but I believe otherwise and told her it’s OK and stems from lack of sand and water play as a child. :open_mouth:

I am now going to find out what to do to get this isolate into her Mentholyptus vape juice. I shall return in due course, meanwhile, thanks to everyone in this thread for your continued support.


I know it’s not exactly what you’re after, but a colleague of mine uses it for mental health issues. They’ve managed to stop their prescribed medication and solely use CBD capsules to manage it. They have borderline personality disorder and sever anxiety.
Another friend tried it for arthritic pain and had little to no effect.
For a fair few mental health issues it seems to be a very good alternative to prescription drugs, however reports suggest it’s of limited use for pain.


Did you get this figured out? Its quite easy but requires you follow some steps especially when using high mg to mix with. Even then it sometimes falls out of solution but it just requires a quick hot water bath to fix it.

Mixing it into premade ejuice would be even more difficult. Im really glad that it seems to be working out.

This is one of the reasons i use it but it took awhile for it to work, a bit over a month if i recall correctly, it doesnt work as well for degenerative arthritis. But for pain caused by inflammation, including inflammatory arthritis, it takes a bit unless you use high doses, that route may your tolerance to go up. I find that a full spectrum product worst best here.

That has been my experience with it for pain.

For anxiety, wow… I wouldnt call it a mood elevator but more of a not a care in the world type of thing which can bring on better moods. The isolate works great here in a vape.

@MixedUp2 Please keep us updated if you can. :slight_smile:


Hi @Ken_O_Where. Thanks for your interest and comments; much appreciated. :thumbsup:

I simply took a favourite 60pg/40vg “one shot” recipe and dissolved the isolate in the pg before adding flavour, nic and vg. (I warmed the pg first.) The CBD dissolved completely after a couple of minutes. The juice went slightly cloudy when I mixed in the other ingredients but cleared after an hour or so.
I’m only experimenting with 10ml total juice at the moment as the isolate is so expensive.

I looked at what you have written in another thread about CBD to get an idea about the quantites of crystal to add. I think you said 200mg in 30ml, so I tried (very approximately) 40mg in 10ml and 80mg in 10ml. To be honest, neither had much of an effect on me but I realised several things:

  1. My normal nic juice level (12mg) was a mistake. 50% (6mg) or none would have been better.
  2. My MTL style of vaping isn’t appropriate for CBD. (Duh!) (In fact I’m more of a mouth to throat vaper I think.)
  3. With 80mg/10ml a quick test on a DL dripper was inconclusive (possibly, maybe, some reduction in achiness which wasn’t bad to start with). The vape experience was unpleasant (dryish, unflavourful) though as I don’t have experience setting drippers up.

I shall persevere until my 1 gram of isolate runs out, the next test will be with 100mg/10ml, no-nic on a properly coiled dripper. Watch this space …

Thanks for that @coneconington. What would I give for some juice to “take the edge off” when the kids come round? :slight_smile:

That’s it for this installment of “Alice in Neurology Land”, I have voices in my head telling me to make bread, mow the grass, fix the car and install a new CH radiator. Wait, they’re not in my head. She’s woken up. :open_mouth:


It works incredibly well, we were all a bit shocked at how effective it was for anxiety and other mental health issues.
Going from taking; anti anxiety medication three times a day, anti depressants twice a day, and anti Psychotics once a day.
To; 200 - 300 mg of CBD oil a day, orally.

A lot of people struggle to see the benefit when vaping it, try it orally. Almost all the positive reviews I’ve seen were with oral administration.


Interesting! Thanks. Would you have any idea what the concentration of CBD in the oil was?

Yes, so far, I think I’d agree. I tried a tiny amount of CBD paste under the tongue (see post above Mar 22) and it seemed quite effective - a bit difficult to judge as I wasn’t particularly stressed at the time but it certainly eased my back ache. :smile: