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Cbd turns pink


I made a small batch of 500mg per 30ml batch of CBD. I used powder for CBD 1000mg/Gram. I did a 50/50 blend of PG/VG with 10% of PEG 400. I mixed the powder with the PEG 400 and then added the pg/vg. it mixed well but overnight it seemed to turn pink. This isn’t the first time. What am i doing wrong?


I cant imagine why that would happen especially if it isnt mixed with flavorings. Ive made quite a lot of it with CBD isolate from 3 different vendors.

Does your CBD isolate contain terpenes?


No, no terps.


Where do you get your isolate?

Sources for VG, PG and PEG?

Has it been left in an area that gets direct or bright indirect sunlight?

Back when i was a mod on the reddit CBD sub i remember someone posting about their liquid turning pink but i am pretty sure he used nicotine as well.


pg vg and peg are from chemworld and the cbd is from peaceoil.bigcartel.com


Ive never heard of them and they have nothing on the site, at the moment. It could be a residual solvent causing the coloration, im not sure if oxidation would do this at least i havent observed it yet. If they had lab reports we might be able to find the culprit but unfortunately they do not.

For isolate i generally go with https://www.thecbdistillery.com/

Ive not had any issues with them at all, other than them accidentally doubling my order once and then forcing me to keep it all.

Wish that i could help further.


thanks for your help, ill check that site out


Not sure about CBD but generally if nicotine has a pinkish hue it means it was exposed to Nitrogen in the extraction process and is nothing to worry about. Not sure about cbd it would have to be something you asked the company about.


I mixed mine under heat. Used 7% single flavor purilium with 7-8% PG and .1g cbd isolate. Added all this to a beaker then placed in hot water until glass was hot and cbd, flavor and PG were all one. I then mixed on the magnetic stirrer for 5 minutes and slowly added VG. Also added 1% distilled water. Heated this again and stirred alternating between heat and stirrer for 30 min. Haven’t had any issues except tip getting clogged after 60 days and reusing bottle. Keep it warm in the pocket for better flow.