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Changing coils for testing liquid?


That one is triple 28 wrapped in 38 - sits at about .18 ohm


That’s just beautiful! Love it.


I’m not positive but I think @woftam just invented “Radiator” coils :star_struck:


Why do you even need a wick in this setup? Fused claptons have an amazing ability to soak up liquid and lots of it.
If it’s just for flavor testing, just drip a fair amount of liquid on your coils, vape it and you’re done. No messing around with wicks, just burn off the remaining flavor and drip with something else.

That tsunami really is a great atty… still use it nearly on a daily basis :slight_smile:


If just using the coils to test would you run them at a lower wattage than normal? @Suomynona


Not really, just realize there’s no liquid in it to chain vape but you get a good couple of puffs out of it. It’s the vaporization of the liquid that cools the coil, not the cotton.
But like with everything related to vaping… start low and build up until you find your sweet spot.


Thx for the reply!


Well yes that would work but i would prefer to use wicks as i can vape it at a wattage i will be using it at - Imho bare coils will get too hot. But if it works for you it works for you


I do like that name mate nice one.


It’s a preference, not everyone likes a vape the same way. Just an option someone may consider.
If you have made 20 single flavor tests, I can imagine you don’t want to rewick even 10 times. A wickless coil is sometimes just what you need.


Yer sorry you are right I am wasting time doing it my way