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Changing coils for testing liquid?


Does anyone have a method they use for trying new liquid creations without muddling flavors within your coils? did that make sense? Again… when I make liquids I do alot at once. Mostly im making batches of my favs but since im fairly new to diy, I make a few new recipes also. When I try them i worry my coil/flavors are getting muddled.


What kind of vape set up are you using?


Ipv mini 70 watt with kanger mini tank


Ive been buying the .5 coils however I just learned how to use/make the rba coils and prefer those.


So, you have a 18650 mod and a dripper of some type?


I suppose thats right


I use the magma RBA with a single coil build. I can easily change wicking with one coil before each flavor change. Works out great…


I just make up a 1 or 1.5 ohm coil on my IGO-W and put a tiny piece of cotton through the coil; drip,drip,vape,vape, easy peasy.


My Magma (clone) arrived last week - I got it for this very purpose. Wow! So much easier & better for tasting …& the flavor!!! holy cow! just incredible!


I find that for the cleanest/unadulterated vape,a new coil and wick are required after 2-? mils are consumed. IMO, skin oil, wick dust etc. need a little time to burn off before the real new mix taste comes through.

I’m concerned with my mixes also. I get lazy. I generally change my wick only**. I tend not to use a moderately encrusted coil with a new flavor. I have several RDA’s, so I find one that has a smallest amount of sticky encrustation and clean out the chamber/deck and add a new wick. It generally takes a mil or so to get an idea of the new mix’s real flavor. With a new coil, I find that it takes a little more vaping than 1 mil to get the true taste of the new juice. Naturally, the strength of the mix plays an important part for me.
My taste buds are probably less sensitive than most folks, so my mixes are pretty much “in your face” strong/distinctive.
I use the Magma and Origin RDA’s for testing and vaping.
Suggest you do whats you feel is comfortable to you.

** An old cinnamon mix wick and using a new cinnamon mix, I just leave the test RDA alone and use current/old coil and wick. I find it depends on the strength of the main (juice). You may find that some flavors do not need a complete change over of coil and wick. IMO, it takes more mils of new mix to get the “true” flavor by not changing the old wick and coil.


Single coil build in an RDA, pull the wick and then dry burn the coil a couple times, rinse with water, dry burn to burn off the water and then rewick.


I just fire up the coil (without wick) to glowing and turn it upside down (not firing) into a small saucer with water in it (just enough to wet the coil). Repeat a few times and your coils are nice and clean. You’ll see all the gunk that’s come off sitting in the saucer. If there is a large amount of gunk, you can softly brush the coil with a tooth brush after the dunk. When you’re done, fire up the coil to burn off any water, readjust your coil if necessary and re-wick.


Ya, forgot about dipping the coil. The thermal shock cracks and floats the caked crust off the coil. Thanks for the reminder. I use to do this then got side tract about placing it under running water.
You have to dip coil!!
Thanks @Lostmarbles for the effort. Makes a big difference.


No problem bro.


Dude thanks for the advice. That sounds feasible and will be giving it a shot.


A pleasure… happy tasting!


This was a discussion last night on the #ELR IRC Chat. Thanks @R0B for inspiration. Quick testing of new flavors or recipe development can be hindered by the vaping process, and mostly changing the cotton etc. The challenge being the ability to quickly change the cotton and dry burn the coil to start fresh. Rewicking wastes time, and doing it alot uses up material$.

Some great advice in other threads has been to use the old school cartomizers …barrel type and unbridged 510 that don’t have cotton. I wanted to use something more powerful for my newer sub-ohm gear and an RDA I had on-hand. I thought I could build a coil (Twisted Clapton?) that had so much surface area it didn’t need wicking to hold a “taste test” amount of e-liquid.

After chatting with @R0B about “Stovetop coils” I got the idea. Two vertical Clapton Stovetop coils with just a small ball of easily changed rayon/cotton in-between. This morning I made two SS Clapton Stovetop coils on my Velocity mini, and it takes like 30 seconds to unwick-> dry-burn -> rewick. Wicking does not touch the bottom, this example is just for Testing juice/flavors …After using I will definitely be rewicking full to use my Velocity mini in it’s full application. It turned out great! :wind_blowing_face::wind_blowing_face:

Just a little ball of rayon to hold 6-8 drops

This is without any wicking and shows the next fluff ball about to go in. I just grab the ball with my tweezers and shove it all the way to the bottom, then pull it back up a little past the coils and then tuck it back down into position …done

…and here it firing up like a maniac on my HCIGAR Vt133 (DNA200) 0.10 Ohm 4 wraps dual GeekVapes Fused SS Clapton running 65W and 420 degrees in TC mode

Best RDA for testing mixes

That’s awesome!


what an amazing idea…
This should totally be called ‘The Princess Leia’


OMG that’s great! For the Chewbakka setup see the various hemp wicking tutorials.