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Changing coils for testing liquid?


Well that’s exactly what I did! After I built this for some testing with Rayon it was working so well I rewicked with a longer piece (rayon again) and it IS amazing and I used it exclusively for like 24 hours …then my hemp wick came in the mail. Now Leia is sporting somewhat of a mohawk and I couldn’t be happier with the result …and the promise it could be less hassle in the longer run (properties of hemp).

Heh looking at it just now (to re-drip), it looks like Leia and Chewy twisted one up in the lower deck of the Millennium Falcon for some “LightJump and Chill” and had a little vapin’ LoveChild …I’ll call him LeiadBaccka :sunglasses:

Plans for today include making a couple stovetop Claptons for my Pharaoh tank since the only downside with this Velocity mini is it’s sucking up juice and has limited capacity …even though the fatty chunk of hemp holds so much juice it about doubles what I can drip down in there, the coils are also vaporizing it twice as fast! CrAzY GooD


[quote=“BoDarc, post:17, topic:31403”]
I just grab the ball with my tweezers and shove it all the way in the bottom, then pull it back up a little and then tuck it back down[/quote]

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Okay, I maybe shot for this, but IMHO cotton is the better one for flavor. I also will put praises on the Geek vape Tsunami. That has totally changed what I use on a daily basis. Flavor is immense. It reminds everyone of a Kennedy. I truly think a great RDA and changing the cotton for new flavors, dry burn coils, (kanthal and SS), will be your best option. It has worked for me. I also like anything with a velocity style deck for ease of build. Just my two cents on the matter.


Sleazy, peasy, keep it easy
316L SS Aliens .2ohm
No wicking used
DB160 45-50W Velocity v2
Drip, hit, burn dry, cool, repeat.


First time posting here, what i have found easiest is to just have an unflavoured mix of vg/pg and drip that inbetween flavours to remove the old taste from wicks/coils, works a treat in rtas as well about 1/4 of a tank full normally does the trick. As soon as you cant taste the old flavour move onto the next.


I do this too but straight vg :+1:


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why clapton? you are not juicing the coil are you? so why would it matter if you are putting cotton in betweenl?


@fidalgo_vapes - I think these are the same as what @Alisa is using :blush:


thats @BoDarc i think you meant


Yes @BoDarc’s post is using the same coils you asked Alisa about on the other thread! :slight_smile:


ahhhhh i see arent those cool looking and how great would it be to not have to mess with wicking so perfect lol


I know - they are awesome - I think that @BoDarc should do us a step by step tutorial on building them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :thumbsup:


Massive Necropost thread resurrection
Anyhow I have been using stovetops for a fair time for testing liquid and they work really well however they are (for me who is a little sight challenged) quite difficult to make and get to fire just right (YMMV)

After mucking with the POS that they call the NCR i thought i would try something a little different based on the stovetop idea. I made some flat coils (well flat ish) and dumped em into the Tsunami 24 and wicked them the same way as @BoDarc wicks the stovetops. These for me are a lot easier to make.

I used a flat tool normally reserved for disassembling mobile phones but really anything could be used.

Yes they are a bit wonky but this is not the coil building thread :rofl::crazy_face:

Changing the wick it literally a 10 second job pull the wick out and dump it and a quick dry burn and rewick on to the next flavour. So :beers: for you MR @BoDarc for the original idea


Brilliant idea …because basically it’s just so you can center load the cotton. Stovetops are tricky and a PITA but I try and make them slightly spaced with 22 Ga SS …using right now, testing some steeping juices


@BoDarc and @woftam do you use ribon wire or would some 24g paralleled be alright