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Charlie Noble's PB Cereal


you dont know the half of it lmao


Dammit! I’ll bring my mask, they won’t know it’s me.


Get mine from here Lubrisolve in the UK, cheaper to buy them singularly if you get the LDPE bottles… Well sealed and no leaks when shook.


Ive just ordered a load of PET from ebay but next time I put a lubrisolve order in I’ll check em out cheers :+1:


You going to have some muscles by the time you have finished squeezing the juice out of 500ml PET bottles if that’s the size you got :slight_smile:


nahhh I’ll be reet lol, I trust PET more than LDPE, something I read somewhere about it being better for storage I dunno, I’m no expert…


Thanks for the DIY saline recipe. I’ll do that using sea salt. Tried finding simple saline locally and while I’m sure it’s around I just think it’s a drag looking for things. What I’ve found has unnecessary shit in it. For example. …


Thank Google, I searched and that is what i found. I havent tried it and dont know for sure if it will work. But let me know if it works and I may try it too :slight_smile:


Well what I was planning to do was make the 0.9% solution simply by weighing the salt and water till I read your post.

But of course it will work. And if I were you I wouldn’t wait on mine or anyone else’s endorsement before trying it. No more than you would use in a recipe, the salt will hardly be noticeable or impact your sodium levels in your body. And if you’re using sea salt then you’re avoiding unnecessary additives found in table salt.

I have several recipes that are just missing a little something. So if 0.5% saline is the trick, well that’s only 0.15 ml in a 30 ml bottle.


Hi all long time lurker first time poster I have been following this topic for a little while.
I use saline in a few of my mixes helps me to stop a dry mouth.

Have you guys thought to go to a chemist (pharmacy? Not sure what you guys call it in the usa) .

I get my .9% saline in small 10ml disposable vials. if you search ebay for sodium cloride injection bp .9% you will turn up a few results such as Saline the added bonus is that it is sterile and can be used to wash out wounds as well as add to juice. Cheers Hope that helps you out some


Welcome @woftam Love that avatar!

The pic I posted earlier is from a pharmacy’s saline. I don’t want one that contains any other unnecessary ingredients, hence the idea to make it myself.


Ya looking at ingredients you posted it is not an injectable the fact it has boric acid in it tells me it is maybe an eyewash? Injectable saline is only sodium cloride and sterile distilled water. The injectable stuff will look something like


Thanks for that info. I didn’t think to look at other areas of the pharmacy. I found that saline and figured that’s where they keep the saline, so that’s what they have. :slight_smile: Yeah I do believe it was in the eyecare section. Maybe I should try again.


Yes! Look at your ingredients in salt also. Even “Kosher” salt has “anti-caking” additives. Coarse salt at the grocery (mine says Mediterranean Sea salt 100%) isn’t worried about caking :wink:


Try a chemist n buy eye wash its just the same thing im sure.saline,i use it at work as a first aider.


Was just reading this as I am contemplating making this recipe. I read the ingredients on one of these saline nasal sprays and don’t think it is a viable way to go. I think it would be a lot safer with plain (non-iodized) salt dissolved in distilled water. These are the ingredients: Purified Water, Sodium Chloride 0.65%, Disodium Phosphate, Phenylcarbinol, Monosodium Phosphate, Benzalkonium Chloride…


@HVPGH here ya go Brocephus …lots of discussion this year about saline and how to make. You can search “make your own saline” here on ELR Forums search …or just check this out


Appreciated. I think it would be easier now after watching to dissolve the salt (which I see no need for sea salt / any pure sodium chloride would work i.e. kosher salt), in PG. With PG there would be no need to worry about refrigeration after dissolving due to it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.


-Note for anyone coming along here later on…Normal saline solution is POINT Nine Percent / not 9 percent.


Hmmm I read a post about using a vaccuum chamber to get CBD crystals to dissolve in PG (VG?) something that is similarly difficult. I am wondering if we have a new product idea here? a 0.9% VG/PG Saline for e-juice DIY? Maybe someone like @Walt_RealFlavors could see if NaCl could be dissolved into a vapable medium using a vaccuum chamber? Who would buy that?! Where’s a Patent Lawyer when you need one :wink: ?