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Chasing the Coffee Rainbow


This probably isn’t what your looking for, but it’s A strong coffee background. Thought you might like it.


Still mostly Inawera Tiramisu. I haven’t used the FA Dark Bean in a long time.


Has anyone tried Wonder Flavors SC Brazilian Coffee? Looks like a fairly new flavoring. Still chasing that rainbow!


I really like it. It’s dark tasting, but not as much as FA (or Hangsen, which is similar to FA). With FA it seemed like I got more of the roasted flavor than coffee, with WF it’s the coffee flavor that’s dominant, the dark roast aspect is secondary.


I didn’t do a single flavor test with Brazilian Coffee. However, I did a finger test and then a mix. This has been steeping a couple weeks. I find the coffee to have a good, although rather generic, coffee taste. So still a bit on the fence, but I have a feeling with the right combination of flavors that this could easily stand on it’s own for the coffee taste in a juice.

2.00% Brazilian Coffee (SC) (WF)
4.00% Butter Pecan (Purilum)
1.50% Catalan Cream (FA)
4.00% Horchata (LA)

Flavor total: 11.5%


That’s a start! (at least it’s promising)

Thanks for the info


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