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Chasing the Coffee Rainbow


I have ordered the UK alternatives and sent an email to FlavourArt UK for clarification on US/UK flavours. I am finally realising that DIY should be a flexible art governed by personal taste rather than a science of rigid recipes anyway. Thanks for the help and I will report back when I eventually crack a decent coffee.


I made the ‘Smooth Morning Kick’ and couldn’t resist trying it after only 2 day steep. This is definitely the coffee recipe I have been looking for. I am mixing the variants using caramel and coconut tonight (I only have Decadent Vapour Irish Coffee so may try this addition as well). Consider the rainbow chased. Many thanks for your help on this.


Has anyone been using FLV Coffee & finding good results with it ?


It’s really good.


There are 3 types of vanilla…classic, sometimes called Madagascar or bourbon…which is more of a classic North American taste… French Vanilla…A softer creamy Vanilla… and Vanilla Tahity…a flavour I just picked up and is supposedly a totally different from the other two… That’s what I got out of my Vanilla research…cheers


What about Vanilla Bourbon?


I read Vanilla bourbon is just another name for Madagascar or Vanilla Classic…now if the vendors are saying their is bourbon in it…I would make sure they aren’t just referring to Vanilla Classic.


As a new mixer myself, and a fan of coffee juices (well, coffee in general), I’m glad to have found this thread. Looks like I’ve gotta add some flavors to my next order. Haven’t even mixed my first batch and already thinking of what I’d gonna buy next


FA concentrates seem expensive at first but always seem to prove more cost effective in the long run. Especially in the case of this excellent recipe:

Further respect to Lars.


The Irish Cream variation is sublime.


I’ve been on the fence about Tiramisu since I have an odd reaction to chocolate vape flavors. Is the chocolate aspect of this very prominent or is it more of a hint of mocha?


I don’t get chocolate from it, just creamy mocha…but that’s just me :+1:

Coffee, I mean coffee!


So is the caramel addition…@daath made a truly superb blend here :+1:


Thanks! I’ve been playing with different coffee/cappuccino/caramel/creamy type recipes and so far they’ve all been okay just not really delicious yet, lol.


My go to coffeeish flavoring is def inw tiramisu. It’s great with cap cinnamon danish.


“all been ok not really delicious yet”.

I know that problem, it’s a friend of mine.

My problem with mixing coffee is it needs cream. By the time the cream comes around in the steep to vape it the coffee flavor is almost too bitter. The stuff I mix has a 2 week window of being pretty good.


Would it be an idea to add the coffee later in the steeping process, or will it not mix properly that way?

Let's make a Good *Coffee Flavor*

I have some coffee, peanut butter and cappaciuno to send if someones interested. Would like to trade but I really don’t need/want these flavors. Jungle Flavors, 10ml or so of each


@Maureeenie, @anon60225325, I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind, thank you! So far most of my testing involves Cappuccino FA. It’s nice on it’s own at 3% but still kind of flat and not really yummy ya’ know? I’ve tried it with various combinations of creams, caramel and sweeteners with varying results. Now I also have Dark Bean FA and several new cream flavors which I’ve mixed a few testers of but I haven’t had a chance to taste anything yet.


Annnd bringing up this thread again.

What Coffee is everyone using? I tried FA Dark Bean and others a while back, but gave up as they all tasted burnt, blech.

Was wondering if anything has appeared since then that is good. Still waiting for my WF Brazilian Coffee to steep, hopefully it doesn’t taste burnt :crossed_fingers: