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Chat Room - Come and Chat


Hey guys, come check out the chat room. I forgot all about it until just now.



Holy crap. There is a chat room too. Wowza.


Guess I’m gonna start hangin’ out there, now. :wink:


Yeah, it’s finally getting busy. I shoulda posted this sooner. Oh wait, I did LOL


I gotta start IRC more often :stuck_out_tongue:


I went there and probably typed in the wrong spot. Do @s work there ? It reminds me of an early 2000 chat room. Although much easier to just chat than clog up a thread.


No, the chat room is a completely different thing. We saw you, but you didn’t stick around long :wink:


ok well i’ll try it later then


Maybe even older than that…


I was thinking so but couldn’t remember if I played on them in the late 1990’s probably 98 sounds about right.


Yeah they started in 88. Great thing about them is that with no @ for reference you have no clue who’s talking to who. It’s like a mad lib conversation. :wink:


I mean’t would that system talk to this forum ( the chat room system ) if we used an @ reference. But yes I remember it was just dropping lines and talking from everyone in the room.


No, it is not tied to the forum.


in the chat room, if you say someone’s name it highlights their name in a color. bad thing is, after chatting for awhile and you come back here, you forget to use caps :wink:


what do you mean? :smiley:


As long as you don’t skip spacing and punctuation, I’m good with it.


As long as folks steer clear of the twelve common errors in writing, I’ll be happy!

Who am I kidding! I’ll just abstain from participating in the chat room! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I’ll be in and around there now that I’ve got an IRC client again. And it’s got handoff to my ipod touch so I can sneak a cheeky chat in class. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will be hanging out in there too. I need to find out if there is an IRC client for Android. Too busy mixing today. Will look into it. But you can access it on your phones and tablets with the Kiwi web based client.


Oh my my my… A Chatroom for ELR folk. Scary.
Not sure if I should.
Want to.
Know I’ll get addicted.