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Chat Room - Come and Chat


Found it!!!
Great Idea.

I shall lurk for now as i am a DIY super noob :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s fun. The gangs all there. Come hang. I am going to bed for the night. But will be back tomorrow!


I popped in for a second a few days ago. Just an I’m and out. I’m worried that between reading threads, researching, and top of that getting back into irc I make have to join a vape’o’holics’annomymous group. I see an intervention coming, all my friends saying they’ve lost me to the forums and my quest for the perfect adv. all I say is “just chasing the pony” which doesn’t make sense but that will be the name of my first published adv.


Come one, you know you wanna. :wink:


IceChat won’t connect @daath


Try again :wink:



Want to keep this topic active so people that don’t know about the chat room will know it’s there. Come on in folks!


I’m there… where are you? lol


I gotta figure out how to run this on stealth mode on a work computer. Maybe some day.


We got a new bot that can do stuff! :smiley: Also, under resources (on ELR), we now got a “Random recipe” :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, @daath really churched the chat up with this fantastic bot.


The ELR Bot is getting pretty awesome!


I got a duck!! :stuck_out_tongue:


The channel is growing! Come join in! :smiley:


Really wish more of y’all would stop on by. We are all quite friendly, well except JoJo the duck hogger! :wink:

We oft discuss recipe, flavorings and vape news as well as many other things. Hope some of you pop in!


You just jealous cuz I’m quicker than you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditto what he said. Come say hey y’all.


Ill blame it on the carpal tunnel, yeah thats it! hehehe


What’s the host name and port number


I think it is irc.p2p-irc.net and 6667. Channel is #elr


I’m trying to log in from my irc app, the website one doesn’t work on my tablet