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Chat Room - Come and Chat


After a conversation with someone on the forum yesterday i just wanted to remind people that we have a chat room. :slight_smile:



I don’t know how to go there.


Click ----- https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.p2p-irc.net/#ELR


Thank you. daaaa. You are up so early.
I keep posting and cancelling my posts. I typed a huge post about the 333, but cancelled it again. All I ever say is me, me, me. Honestly, I’m not trying to out-do anyone. That’s just me.


Please share. I made that thread to read shit that happens to others. But it seems I am the only weirdo here.


Made my first visit to the chat room. Lots of fun.


Common people! Join in the chat!
Maybe @daath could do something to make the link a bit more… noticeable? perhaps a main link up top by the forum link?


Better? The “Forum”-button has been changed to a “Social” with both forum and IRC-chat :slight_smile:


Hell yea. I have a feeling the chat will get more traffic this way :slight_smile: Thanks!


Kinda threw me off :slight_smile: I usually go from recipes to the forum. While drinking coffee this morning and browsing recipes I decided to go to the forum. What? No button? Once the coffee kicked in I found it lol. Nice logical navigation change!


Hotel internet is all lagged out tonight :frowning:


Do you have to be logged in through ELR account? I can’t seem to get it to work on my desktop via Firefox

I can see the chat but can’t send a message.


Not sure I use chrome


Yup. Looks like my onscreen keyboard and the “enter” button isn’t working. So sad. Maybe someday I’ll get a wireless keyboard for the tv. Until then I’ll sit in the corner with the name of juicecreeper lol


You could try using a different IRC client maybe? When you click the chat link, on the page where you select a user name, down below is a button to show the server and port to use with any other client


See what you guys are missing!

all right. you guys are boring me to tears. see ya’ll tomorrow
sorry :frowning:
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Hello again peps, I was on chat room for about a week but suddenly last week when I tried to log onto it it said " you are banned from #elr cannot join channel (b+) and the joining channel activity meter just goes on forever. I tried a few different names and then finally used a diiff comp w/ diff email address log -in. Thought perhaps server was having troubles but got welcoming message from Lars, so I explained my situation who was not aware of any ban, etc
Pls HELP, lol


D00d, did you get this sorted out? Sometimes we ban when someone join/quits repeatedly. And sometimes we, and be we i mean me, forget to unban. Let me know and let me say sorry now as it is almost certainly my fault.


Don’t tell me @JoJo is leaving you in charge of the ban hammer!:laughing: