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Chat Room - Come and Chat


Please don’t ban me bro. :disappointed_relieved:

Sometimes I log on long enough to talk to bot. He is a good listener and there is no drama with the bot. Actually I go to ask the bot guru about flavors.


Crazy, isnt it? Give the weirdo Martian Ginger any power and this is the result. Luckily ive been too tired to take over the world!


Maybe some of us can be of assistance when it comes to that part :laughing:



You sure you’re not related to these guys?


I mean all they do is to try and take over the world.


Im bumping this thread to include the link to the Discord chat:

Despite my early disdain, st00pid new things, for it i have begun to really enjoy using it. You can use it on your phone, desktop or in a web browser.

I still hate it but only because i like it.


ROFL…Yeah me too. :wink:


Only ginger I know about is figging… but lets not go there until freaky friday…


Just bumping this as a reminder. :slight_smile:


#8944 that’s my number.


A lot older for me in the 80s, that’s why I smoked a pipe for fourth years


Has taken me over six months to get my pick on here so why not try the chat rooms