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Cheers All!





Double deuce, Colorado mag, hotel towel, green bic lighter…where da weed at homie?


Is it a smack session more like, towel? Aww they were the days, young and invincible. Now I just get excited when I end up in hospital and there’s a chance of some morphine. Geez, where’s the crack! Good clean family fun




Cheers to the ELR clan :beers: Here’s to a great weekend for all!


Okie Dokie…I guess I’m the only one drinking this weekend lol. Cheers to the ELR family on this wonderful Saturday night. :beer:


Have a good Weekend All!



Here’s to all the guys and gals who had to shovel and plow through the snow today :beers:


Have a Great weekend all! Stay safe!

2 Of 20… :laughing:


Oh no, is it this kind of friyay again :smile:


The best Fridays are “Friyays”!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to the Irish ELR members! and for the rest of us…well it’s Friday! or as @Grubby and @anon60225325 call it…Friyay! :laughing:

P.S…please do’t give me grief about the Jameson. lol


Friiiiiiiday! Cheers all, have a great weekend and stay safe!

Jim Beam and Coke… Rhodonite + Nautilus… :yum:



Salud everyone…hope this weekend kicks booty for you :boom:


How do you like that Banshee?


That one is actually the Tattoo. The single 18650 model. I have the Banshees too. I really like them. Great hand feel and performance. Only con for me on the Banshees is the battery door. With the batteries loaded it is a pain to fully lock close. But that is just on one of them.


Oh yeah, I can tell now…guess I was paying more attention to the cerveza…Modelo es supremo


Hahahahaha!! You have been missed uncle Ozo!


Haha, how much you get paid to say that?

Weird, is it with more than one (same) pair of batteries?