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Cheers All!


Yep same situation with 2 different pairs. It only happens with the white/grey mod. The black one locks fine.


Good to see you active again :wink:


Cheers to the ELR family…wishing you a great coming weekend. Here’s to @BoyHowdy …haven’t heard from you in a bit…hope all is well. :punch:


Men, take note.

This a lager type beer assisted by a PWM mod with an RDA sitting on top. If you aren’t at this level, put the the Zima down, put your cute little TC mod away and grow a pair.



You have me dying over here! :laughing:



I just took a glance at my bedside table…I’m Vaping on a PWM lipo with a 30mm Buddah RDA…

and drinking tea…

I’m so confused right now…?


Cheers! @ozo :thumbsup: Hope your doing good


Created a new term. Line sink and hooker. While drinking of course. Happy late Friday.


I am good , thank you brother.A nice cold Shiner Bock always seems to hit the spot for me :grin:
I should have known something was up when my boss gave me a decent raise a couple of months ago!:astonished:
I then decided that I needed a new hobby so I purchased a Fender Stratocaster , that keeps me a little busy but then a month ago we started working crazy hours so between the two I have neglected my forum friends and I apologize for my absence.
I hope all is well with everyone!:fist:


We’ve missed you! Glad all is well :blush:


Not good enough…you think you can just walk out and leave us and then just turn up out of the blue with some half cooked excuse about having a 'life’
Well… I’m sorry…but I for one am wounded.


:blush: Thanks Love

Love you too Biaattcchh!:grin:
I about picked up one of the Sherman rta’s a week ago but I thought I better check and see if my old pal Pugs has done a review yet.:grinning:


Nahhh…doubt very much i’ll get me hands on one…rare as rockin horse shit they are.
Would love to though :ok_hand:


I decided to go ahead even without your approval , wish me luck!:neutral_face:
I did save you one though and he will ship it to you!:grinning:


See…I KNEW i shouldnt of started that $100 giveaway :angry:
I need to start being selfish …:wink:


Welcome back! You have been missed.


Great to hear all is well! Congrats on the raise and the Strat :boom:


I guessed you were working out, and playing around.
Rob told me about the new Strat.
Do you have a good tuner?
I have one of these that works very well for an inexpensive one
Here are some others
If you get something like the CA-2, get the contact microphone.


@Pattie got a Sherman…


Yes i got my Sherman, i got the v2 with the ultem.
Beware they have been cloned so buy from a reputable dealer.
The wicking is a bit tricky but easy enough to get to grips with and you can put some big builds in. I have 4.2mm fused claptons in mine atm. Ohm’s out at .27 90w-110w gives a really nice vape.
Clouds but plenty of flavour, she can drink the juice too, greediest rta i have.
Extremely well engineered and solidly constructed, and quite weighty.
There are bubble kits available for them with ultem drip tip. It takes goon size tips too. (handy).
Well worth the money imo. Nice bit of kit.