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Cheers All!


Now it is I that feel special. Thanks @MisterSinner ,when I get off work I hope to join you!


Heck yeah. Hope the time goes fast for you :thumbsup:



That is a new one on me ,but I would take a shot of that!:yum:


60 proof and perfect for White Russian…or shots.
Anyone that likes Kahlua, this is stronger, and less expensive.
Try this, keep in fridge, and you will never buy Kahlua again.


Thank you for the recommendation , I will pick up a bottle and give it a try. A White Russian doesn’t sound bad right now!


While you’re there, grab the Kraken…makes Capt. Morgan seem like kool-aid
and is smoother than a newborns butt.
Excellent sippin’ rum, or shots…chilled or room temp.


Salud ELR… especially to @robin thanks again for the fantastic Christmas gift of the Aromamizer Supreme.


You are welcome. I am so glad that you like it. :grin:


Have a great weekend all :thumbsup:


My new glassware/shot glasses…since they are always on my desk anyway.


Just point me to the Chivas please. The Famous Grouse works as well.


Yes please , No beaker needed @ozo I have plenty of red solo cups!:smiley:


Ever tried Lismore?


I will add it to the list. Thanks for the recommendation.


On a snowy night…salud


Cheers it’s Friday and I’m celebrating a new job or new hours going from nights to days hell yeah


Congrats on the new hours and congrats on that Lafunitas. Excellent brew.


Happy Friday gang :punch: Cheers to everyone! This one is for @Pattie welcome back!


Thank you brother, that looks delicious!!!
:beer: Cheers. :joy::+1: