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Cheers All!


Cheers all!! Hope everyone had a good weekend! I think I drank about 20 of these, I’m surprised I’m alive… I lived up to my nickname this weekend for damn sure.


Thanks for the tip , at first I was using an android app on my phone called guitar tuna.Neat ap but the tuner is not the most accurate.
I also picked up a Yamaha THR10C small practice amp that has a built in tuner but again I wasn’t happy with the accuracy at first.
I have since added a couple more that I like very well for the ease of use and their accuracy.
The Korg GA-CS and the Polytune clip on.
The Poly Tune Clip is my favorite for just ease of use.



After a great day with a clear blue sky here in Norway, what better than fruits, vape and cider(s). I don’t bother with a glass bc these things kinda empty themselves in magic ways… So, cheers y’all! And a special cheers to @Grubby; it’s Friyay, drag you butt in here, we miss you!


Cheers! :thumbsup:


I miss bulmers. Have to head back to Ireland for some Bulmers and a bottle of the red spot


At JFK waiting for my flight out to NOLA for a bachelor party… I absolutely love New Orleans. Cheers to my ELR family on this weekend!


Have a fabulous time lovely :+1:


Thank you sis!


Fun! Hope you enjoy yourself!


Will do! Thanks mama!


Have a blast brother!


Will do my brother :+1::punch:


Breakfast in NOLA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Like a boss!


You always make me spit my beer bro hahahahahahaha


Don’t get it on your beignets!


You know it brother! Just landed back in NYC…booooo…lol


here’s to anyone burning up in this heat…made it to 92 degrees in NYC today…ughhhhhhh :sweat:


Got to love that east coast humidity brother. The next time someone says “it’s the humidity not the heat that gets you”, I’m going to punch them in the dick.


and once again…spit up my beer…lmao