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Cheers All!


I need to try that version of Valentine’s. I had only ever drank vodka mixed when I was younger. Had a pint of Tito’s recently which was OK but it didn’t even compare to the fifth of Valentines I had. I enjoyed that bottle quite a bit neat.


Have a good weekend and stay safe all!

@Amy2 I tripled fisted… :blush:


“Triple Fisted the Cobra” …preeety sure that’s on Urban Dictionary


Sipping on some SKYY vodka (grain vodka and distilled 4 times). My first time trying it. Not quite as smooth as Velentine’s (but smoother than Tito’s IMO) but half the price so no complaints.





Thats not going away any time soon :laughing:




Ho Ho Ho


Salud! Merry Christmas to the family!


What, no Negra? Que paso?


Maybe for New Years :laughing:



I shall toast you with a glass or two of Chivas Regal. Cheers!


Where’s me Egg Nog!? (click the pic)


100 proof!! :astonished:

Shit on a stick!


100 proof is only about 50%. You wanna try some poitin lol


I’m a beer drinker mate, Love my Ales, I rarely drink anything stronger Lol…that would floor me instantly I think Lol


A mates dad used to have 3 stills and make it from plums and sloes. That stuff would put manners on any drinker