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Cheers All!




The wife says… enough now… wtf lol


Cheers guys! Merry Christmas! :evergreen_tree::wine_glass:


Spouse and I were invited to a neighbor’s home for Christmas dinner , and told to bring nothing but an appetite.
So, I complied, and only brought a few things.
Homemade yorkies [biggest you have ever seen] , fingerling potatoes(purple and golden), roasted cauliflower and broccoli,
and roasted brussel sprouts with fresh grated parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.
Added a fifth of Evan Williams Egg Nog(cold from the fridge) and a fifth of Lismore Speyside Single Malt to the tote to walk over to the friends with.
He and I enjoyed a chess game as the sheilas [females for you chumps] sorted what went where on the enormous table in their dining room. A feast of magnitude, and a relish of southern holiday cooking…we were soon summoned to be fed.
A beast of a feast, then we played cards, which is where the true festivities always begin…
That’s where the canning jars get pulled out.
If you think you are proficient at making premium DIY e-juice , these ‘canning jars’ will give you some perspective so far beyond your expectations, it will rattle your mind.
Blends that were made a year before, just for ‘ammo’ on Christmas day, to battle the taste buds, but are so above the “proof” or “percentage” of any store-bought spirits.
And better yet, for a week forward, we visit so many other neighbors to compare our ‘wares’…so to speak…
‘Jars’ voted on at the card table, are then taken to the neighbors, then voted on again…it is a strenuous week
to keep up with all the back-road navigation and the left-over Christmas dinner food that you [have to eat] or you will offend…or possibly get shot…but the food is so great, you would never have any worries of harm coming to you… and you will NEVER have any harm from MSG’s in the groceries.
Nothing is publicized , and most participants don’t even understand what legalities are involved in what they do, they just live simple lives…like their Grand-parents lived.
You may view the lot as snobby alcoholics, avoiding the law(s), but at each and every address [if there is one] you are allowed to be present on, you will find some of the most amazing musical talent that will not only amaze you…but you will never hear of in any recorded way. And the [age]of the musician will surprise you.
It is always a magical time of the year here…but the holidays are never any limits as to what goes on around here all year long…
Come visit, not only will I put you to work [regarding animals], but I will feed you homemade food that is as pure as I can find ingredients for, and tastes/eats good.
If you don’t like GOOD music, don’t like GOOD food, …and the most important criteria around here…if you don’t want to sing for your supper [don’t want to help with what work needs to be done…with your full heart] …
I don’t run a bed-and-breakfast, but I don’t charge for one either. And even though I have limited the critters on my property, I/we will still be working with rescue, and MANY exotics from all over the world.
If you cry about political election outcomes, or you support PETA or GreenPeace, even if you think the Wounded Warrior Poject is a GOOD THING…your best bet…is to stay FAR away from my property, for your personal safety.
Back to the ‘Jars’…it is a wonderful time of the year…for samples…and some [most] will never be created again.
We play so much music, in these hills around me, it would boggle the ordinary mind.
Come, have a visit, and plan to participate.
Christmas is NOT just about one day out of the year.



Do you live in Mountain View Arkansas, It’s said its the bluegrass capitol of america?


I used to live in Arlberg…and Fox…and I knew Red West before the Cultural Center days…
We played music many a night at Onus Broyles.


Well that explains a lot :smile: hehe jk
Bet we were Neighbors at some point! I’m from Beveragetown, that’s really only 20 miles away, but about 1.5 hour drive


There was only one family of aliens that lived in Beveragetown…
There were only two families of aliens that lived at Meadow Creek [halfway between Fox and Arlberg]
one was mine, the other was generation X.01SPAWN.

Also, as you know, it’s really only .0007 nano-seconds from Fox to Beveragetown.


never had that Devil’s Cut but from my time on the bourbon forums it was not well regarded. That being said I like most things Jim Beam so maybe I will give it a try some day. Their Bottled in Bond ain’t bad but the Knob Creak Single Barrel 120 proof is where it’s at. I prefer 120 - 140 proof bourbon, but my wallet can’t take the hit right now so it’s 100 proof Evan William Bottled In Bond white label and 80 proof Skyy vodka for me tonight.


It’s sooo smooth, I’m usually a gentlemen jack guy but opted for something different, also got a bottle of this…


Probably the greatest all-around value…a very good drink.

I only have one problem with it at the moment, the only bottle I have left
has about 1/2 an inch in it.


That’s a major problem…!


I totally agree. The replacements won’t be here until after 2pm today…tick tick tick tick tick tick

And I only have about 100 or less bottles/jars of various other back-ups. (frightening)
Always happens around this time of year.

I do have a new un-opened case (2) [thank you Mrs. Claus] of Lismore Speyside Single-Malt Scotch
Probably needs testing anyway…it is bottled in Scotland.


I keep a case or two of these little boogers for when folks drop by for a short visit.
They are also wonderful stocking stuffers. Great little shots, especially cold.

Gonna have to test one of these…it’s been a few months since the last case ran out.


Cheers All ! Enjoying my first Guinness of the New Year watching the wild card Saturday games.
Hope everyone has a Great Weekend!


Salud all! enjoying the little RX Mini with a cold Modelo on this snowy Saturday night :yum:


I went to my local package store and they were out of my normal Shiner Bock… I then asked for a six pack of Modelo in your honor @MisterSinner ,saddens me deeply they were out of that as well…:cry:


That’s ok brother. Just the thought made me smile. You did good with the Guinness though!


One of the joys of rural living , you get to sample many beers as they are often out of everything other than Busch Light and Budweiser!:laughing:
I don’t drink them often but the Guinness goes well on a dark frigid night IMO.


Salud to the ELR family on this wonderful Friday the 13th :punch: and to my brother @BoyHowdy this one is for you! :smiley: