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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


Yup me too. If I ever accomplish it, I’ll share it with you :wink:

Maybe parallel aliens? Lol


Simple stuff, 2x28/40 SS316L fused Clapton, 3.5mm I.D., giving the wasp one last chance before my ammit rda arrives Friday lol

The coil is actually purple the rda makes it look black lol


You are much better off keeping the coil o.d with that type of deck where the coil sits in a block small. With simple wire i only use 3mm coil but if u are using coils like that you would have to make them smaller. The idea to stuff that area doesnt give the air a change to escape. I cant tell w/ pics but it also helps to move the coil so it sits slightly above the block so if u look thru the air holes, u just see the lower half of it. GL to u!
Edit: ohh yeah, the disclaimer: YMMV :rofl:


For me, the hardest part of these Staggered Stapeltons is coiling them. These ohm out at .09 and are made with .5 flat kanthal framed with 26g kan and wrapped with 36 gauge


I do have the positioning right it’s just a crappy phone picture lol that’s good info though, I’ve tried everything from 2.5mm all the way up to 4mm with simple and fancy coils, I feel like the wasp just has too much airflow for a 22mm single coil and when I close it down it whistles like crazy lol


I don’t care what size coil ID or how open or closed I have the airflow, my Wasp sounds like a cot damn dog whistle. Flavor is great though.


Hey Fishie, it looks like you dipped the whole thing into roofing tar. (I hate pics on my phone too, they never make it look right :sunglasses:).


All my build pics are with my phone, but the wasp is the only rda I have that’s painted on the inside too lol really jacks with the colors. @TheTinMan flavor isn’t bad, but I bought it hoping for something I could run around .4 ohm on a mech squonker and that’s way too cool for me in the wasp, When I was using it on a mech .2 or .25 was where I had to run it to get the heat I wanted.


I don’t think that’s paint buddy.


Your right, it’s pure tar from my adv, 15% FW yellow cake & 5% FA cocoa😎


Tiger coil, 26g SS316L twisted together with 0.2x0.8 ribbon, also SS316L


5 wrap 3.5mm i.d. 24/36 Clapton, all SS316L, digiflavor fuji single coil rta.