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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


This looks like a decent pair of aliens to me

I need a lot more practice but I think I got the basics nailed down


Looking mighty fine.
What is that rda by the way looking almost like a wasp nano but with an actual juice well.


It’s a Haku Cruiser


Ok then, looks like you got the flow. So whats next?


Staggered I guess :slight_smile:

And more wire (including ribbons)

But first I have to make a proper setup since deaduls chuck is horrible (and the swivels that came with it are not much better)


I see. Did I give you a web address for tools? Anywho, I’ll have to get that video done on doing spaced coils for Staggered, STaggertons etc.


Why walk when you can run as fast as you can!

Semi successful attempt at mohawk alien


Just got my Hermetic RDA and thought baby alien might be cool. This is my 4th alien so far. It’s probably not perfect, but I am still proud and very happy with it. :slight_smile:


If that’s not perfect, I really wouldn’t know what you’re aiming for…


Lol I don’t know. Every time I make something, not just coils or juice but in general, I always find a little thing here and there that could have been better. I think all of us have that :slight_smile:


I wish I had that. Nice job on the alien though.


well it looks god damn perfect to me! :smiley:


You know, I’ve seen commercial coils with more imperfections than this. From this view I can see none! For your 4th alien, you should be very proud of your work. I wish I had the space, eyes, tools and fingerspitzengefühl to even attempt this and I’d be happy and proud if I even came somewhere close to your result after my 57th attempt :smiley:


Dual Clapton parallel (Dual parallel clapton? Clapton dual parallel? 2 clapton wires side by side and coiled?), AWG 26+34 SS316 x2, clocking at 0,5 Ohm.

I dont know how you all make those near perfect coils… I never could made them straight (Yet. Still learning)


I be honest, I’ve never tried that. I don’t know why it never came to my mind lol. Thanks for sharing, might give it a try over the weekend, could maybe finally get a bit higher ohms that way :wink:


This will translate into parallel also


you probably already know this but the higher the gauge the higher the ohms. ie. if I want a .4 ohm fused clapton I will use 28g - 30g as the core and 38-40 for the wrap.


Great job!!


My baby aliens are at .4 ohm and that’s great. I’m trying to archive kanthal level here with using ss lol

Always wanted to try out .7-.9 ohm but I either have to build with higher gauge as you pointed out, making the coil so thin that unless I put them in a mtl device, my atties won’t work…

Or I could build regular and just add wraps, but if I want to stay under 60w I can’t run 8-12 wraps.

Increasing diameter I tried too, but still not getting above .5 lol by now it’s more a mission I have in my head…one day I’ll accomplish that :rofl:


AAH HAA, Ok then. That is quite the mission. I would sure be interested in how that turns out. I think my highest MTL is .75 single coil