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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


I was thinking that too. Taste the rainbow came to mind.


Thank you sir, had good material to work with, you make some slick wire!


This rainbow tastes like my Christmas custard!!


Not really sure what you would call this one lol but it is 6×24g twisted kanthol with a spaced wrap of 32g


Super duper low ohm is what I’d call it.:anguished:
I hope you’re aware that 5 wraps on a 3mm bit will ohm out to around 0.05 for a dual coild build.


I went 3 1/2 mm it came in around 2ohm


Single coil


you mean 0.2?


A beast for sure…what like 7 wrap would give ya .2, u meant .2 right :rofl: she be power hungry!


Lol yer sorry .2 ohms


There is some serious purging going on lol once she is heated up the thick clouds begin just did it for fun really what i did learn tho is that i prefer a quick ramp up. I only used it for one day and have ordered some nichrome n80 24g and 32



For something a little different a flat coil in the drill adjusted NCR (yes it is ugly as a hatfull of bums but it doesn’t work too badly)


Hows the flavour?


Much better but still a little room for improvement - a bit more adjusting is required it think


How much do you reckon people would pay for a a chain mail coil or just a twisted one? Wow you really need a macro lens for wire photos lol


This is my first attempt at staggered fused clapton coils are the perfect? No :anguished: but considering i used a electric drill and no magnification i am pretty happy


Twisted 32g helixed with 36g, all SS316L, 5/6 Wrap on 2mm came in at .31 ohm, blowing tasty clouds in the alleria at 30-35w


I’ve been developing a liking for making slightly fancy coils over the last month or so and I’ve a question about Clapton builds. Is there any “correct” way or rule of thumb’s when choosing the type of metals when building claptons. e.g. cores Kanthal, wraps SS or vice versa or other?

I’ve been making fused claptions with small Gage 316 SS. The last ones I made were fused claptons with twisted cores > 2 cores, each core made from 2 strand of 30G twisted together all wrapped in 38G. 7 x 2.5mm wraps = .46 ohms and they are flavor machines but I’m wondering if I would have been better off using different materials. (sorry no pics, macro camera absent due to poverty).



Depends if you want to bring your ohms down a little mate you could drop the cores to 28 or 26. My standard build as in the one i use the most is 4x 28 wrapped in 40 5 wraps (4mm id) gives me about .11 (dual coil)