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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


Thanks mate, I’m cool with higher ohms and I’ve actually installed two of them in the Merlin mini and I’m probably testing my batteries as is (don’t freak I’m using regulated gear.) I’m more interested in the choice of metal, like will the choice of core metal effect ramp up, flavor or something else. I’ve struggled to find info on this, most people just say its just personal preference but don’t really state that this = that, if you get my drift.


Ya i hear you - it is for the most part a personal thing i get a slight metallic taste from kanthal so i have nearly always used SS 316l - I do use a few Ti builds in specific atties for a specific reason. Some of the guys here and on discord are far more knowledgeable about wires than I am. I tend to stick in my happy place as it works for me mind you it may take awhile to find but when you do you tend to stick with what you like.

I would just experiment and find what you like - sorry not much help I know


I’m enjoying playing and I haven’t really settled on anything yet, still swapping coils fast and often.

I also prefer SS to Kanthal, for flavors sake.

All of your help and time is appreciated.


Coil building is a form of art and is only restricted by what’s safe to vape on and your imagination.

I wouldn’t immediately start mixing NI200 wire with Kanthal … but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s just that I am not comfortable doing it. If you really need a rule of thumb, read, learn and know what you’re doing. Don’t just experiment (for the sake of safety) and ask around if you’re not sure.


Fear not, I do plenty of reading and experiment within boundaries. Also I only have kanthal and SS so I can’t poison myself accidentally. I was just wondering if there was such a thing as best practice, other than be safe, and from what you have said It appears that there isn’t.


@cooper1 have a read of this mate honestly i haven’t tryed ss but have some coming soon. The ni80 with kanthol a1 is quite good imo it gives the build a quicker ramp up i enjoy a core of kanthol and outer of ni cant wait to try some ss.




That blog on Gearbest says for SS: “It is not recommended to be used in wattage mode unless the resistance in ohms can be locked on the device.”

Why do they say that?


Ive been vaping stainless for 1 1/2 years its all i will use, 28 gauge has the best flavor of the various gauges. I belive that is a typo should refer to temp control which can be a little touchy with stainless, ss works beautifully in wattage mode for me without locking the resistance


I did think that was funny to so i searched for more info to post


The chain link coil per the @Cutlass92 instructional, but with a fun twist (no pun intended) 4 strands of 34g SS316L with a 5/6 Wrap on 1.5mm id, tasty baby clouds at 30 watts lol in the alleria rta


Looking good bro, glad you like it. I will have to try that when I need to recoil.


I use the alleria when I need to not blow giant clouds lol I usually do 28g for chain link coils but you get dirty looks at the casino when your hitting 100+ watts in a boreas lol so I build the alleria for the 30-40 watt range


Gotta love the looks you get from smokers when you chuck a cloud!


I like how you can see the build in that tank.


It’s the alleria rta from augvape, they had them on sale at eciggity, I have had a lot of trouble with it for some reason though, get hot legs on every other coil I install and there is a fine line between enough wick and too much wick. I like the look of it and it gives really good flavor when you get it right though, it’s just not anywhere as good as a boreas lol


Good evening everyone.

Thanks @JoJo for doing a split/continuation of the old thread it had become huge lol.

So in true CBJ fashion I’m gonna bob in drop some pics and run lol.

Here’s some I posted on Instagram in the last couple of weeks.

It’s surprising how much time photography can take up lol

This photo shoot took approx 3 hours to get the correct shots.

Specs are 2x28n80 frames, 8ply of 0.3x0.1kanthal ribbon alien wrapped in 36n80 and then polished to get the shine.

My camera equipment just in case anyone is wondering

OSHIRO 60mm 2:1 lense
Stage 3 macro extension tube
Canvas soft box
2x55w 5500k E27 lamps and holders


My first fishtail braid.


@Jondamon can i borrow your camera bro those builds look awsom