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Coil Building show offs!


I used to do twisted parellels, a good vape and an easy build. With the Daedalus jig I do Claptons now because I personally prefer them.

Here are a couple reasons I so not use SS anymore. Look at all the wraps! I way prefer 6 or 7.

*Oh, and ‘show off’ is SO not me, I was reluctant to even post here.


Is the bottom photo a fused clapton?


It’s a Gatorback Clapton, one 26g and a twisted 28g pair wrapped in 40g Claptoning.


Eeeh ok, too much for me. lol

I have this spool of fused clapton thet looks similar, but I dislike it because it takes too long, and too much wattage, to actually vape.

I would like to find a build that will give me a quick dense vape, and just build and vape that.

Can you recommend something simple, but good on battery life that will give me in instant dense vape?

Looks as if I will need to have a few different wire sizes and types. lol



Single strand each of 24,26, and 28 gauge ss316L twisted up together, ohms out at .16 as a single coil 6/7 wrap on a 2.5mm screw, pushing 70-85 watts and tastes damn delicious


I made a … thing! Its a four double strand (eight wires) braid with 30 gauge SS316L… I have no idea what it’ll ohm out at… Lol But it was fun and looks pretty cool! And I only bled a little bit, and only hammered my fingers 3 or 4 times…(ouch) :joy:
I finally got the hang of it about half way through, so I’ll definitely be trying it again once the feeling in my fingers comes back to see if I can get it a bit more uniform.


very nice craftwomanship dear…love it :ok_hand: nice job!


Thanks! :grin:

holy shit I can barely type… my fingers are dead.


It does look cool, and pretty.
I have got to see that as a coil on a deck. It is hard to tell the size of it as a strand.


I’ll definitely post a pic once I wrap it up!


You may need some time with those poor fingers! :rofl:


Oh man, no kidding. :laughing:


Don’t forget to hit it with low and slow wattage first to get that pretty color from the ss wire!


Very well done! Nice looking braid for sure! :ok_hand:t2::heart_eyes:


Oh yeah, I’m definitely looking for that rainbow! :rainbow:


Tyvm! :grinning:


What a gorgeous bracelet!! :laughing:
/end grandma’s commentary

Seriously impressive hon! Well done!


Thanks! And seriously, i got about halfway through and started thinking it would make a nice bracelet! The whole time I was braiding it felt like I was 10 years old making friendship bracelets.
I’ve also been browsing etsy and and have seen bracelets that I thought would make great coils… :laughing:


Well, if that fancy braid works out, you could relive your childhood and make ‘friendship coils’ for your peeps here!

OK, seriously it’s been an hour now, how did the build go?