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Coil Building show offs!


Hell yeah!

Haven’t got there yet…lol
I’m planning on wrapping it up today. Don’t worry I promise I’ll post pictures of them! Unless I fuck it up somehow, in which case I’ll post a picture of me crying… :joy:


I used to want to do fancy looking coils. But the effort quickly outweighed the benefits and I eventually settled on easy-bake FC’s. Even doing it only every few months was too annoying for me.

Looking forward to seeing the results, hopefully not tear-soaked.


:laughing: Well Vapey! Someone’s certainly excited and anxiously awaiting your next “unveil”! :grinning:


Its about to happen… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I enjoy seeing the accomplishments of fellow vapers. And if it’s an especially attractive fellow vaper, bonus. I’m not dead yet, sue me! :wink:


Aww makin me blush over here… :blush:


I just cant…


Alrighty, here they are! Ohmed out at .18ohms each, comes to .36 on the modfather. 4 mm ID, 5 wraps. Slathered them up in Buttered Naughty Girl and I’m very pleased!


Looks great! What is this Buttered Naughy Girl that you speak of?


Diketone heaven. :wink:


Now that, sounds good. Too bad I am a noob with 4 flavors. 2 of them have the triangles though, I had to beg the shop guy to hold on to the CAP vc v1 that I need to make my 2 flavor adv, I didnt even want to try v2.

Bring the diketones! They taste good!


I’m sure you’ve never heard that before. No worries, I hear it all the time too.

You sure you wrote that right? Sounds back’ds. You’d be halving them in parallel…


Looks good though!


Yep, the modfather is a series deck, so it doubles the resistance rather than halving it. Its fuckin great for builds like this!


Cool, didn’t realize it could swing both ways. By the way I loathe correcting people so that wasn’t my intention; sanity check on my part.


Haha no worries dude. :wink:


It’s a 30mm deck too, right? That’s some kinda surface area on that coil lol I love seeing cool coils that aren’t the same old Clapton/alien/staple variations, especially in stainless steel!


Yep! 30mm, nice and girthy. :wink:


Once I got my first 30mm atty, I knew I’d never go back. The Iron Maiden, Big Buddha, and Budda v3 (no relation) are all great performers in their respective duties.


Wow! That’s sharp. Almost a shame to vape with it and get it all gunked up. Way beyond my skill level for sure. Impressive!