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Coil Building show offs!


Thanks! I suck at making claptons (I should practice more…), this took a long time but it was easier because I could go nice and slow.


If you like Claptons you have got to get a Daedalus coil winder upper thing-a-ma-whosit. Simple Claptons with one or two cores will buzz up effortlessly. They are well built and I’m going to bet they will last half of forever. Should be a one time investment. Obviously, it’s a little like using a cake mix but the results are wonderful.


Funny, I just messaged her the same idea.


Ha! I have no problem using a cake mix. :wink: :laughing:


Warped minds think alike!


Really, I wouldn’t make them without the jig. I know the hard core builders scoff at it, but it works for me! Almost makes me look like I know what I’m doing…


Which cracks me up! I mean yeah, be proud of your skills if you have em, but if the end result of doing it the easy way is just as good as doing it the hard way, I’m all about short cuts!


If I tried to do them without the jig, the result of the hard way would look more like an apartment for a hummingbird than a Clapton coil. So yeah, easy way all day.


Yeah… the result of me attempting to make claptons is usually a pile of tangled wires and my kids asking why I’m yelling “fuck!” so much…


Only issue I’ve had with the Daedalus is sometimes the little part with the Clapton wire hangs up on the table and the wrap gets hosed. I fixed that by putting a hot wheel under it so it rolls along like a boss. No further issues since the hot wheel mod.


That’s hilarious! I can see it now. Great simple fix. I use mine on a stainless steel table so there isn’t much friction. You just made me think of something though. I’ll bet a thin piece of UHMD under wire pallet wound make it slide even better. Hmmmmmm…


I gave up on kanthal Claptons after doing a side by side vs twisted ss316L, seems I get way better flavor, but I also haven’t tried to make a Clapton with ss yet…


SS is cleaner but I can’t get the coil I want due to the low resistance of SS. Maybe someday I’ll play with more different gauges and ID’s but for now, idleness sets in.


Psst… Get something with a series deck :wink:


…On my very favorite and irreplaceable atty!


Yeah…I get that.


I make a lot of claptons with stainless. Using simple claptons TCR values for SS work great with TC. Sometimes I do have to go as small as dual core 30g +36g wrap to get some resistance.


I’ve just been so happy with twisted variations I haven’t even tried lol although I did wonder if it would still work with tc, I have a dna 200 and when I twist different gauges together or try to run parallel coils with different gauges it doesn’t quite hit right in tc


Yup, that will throw things off. The dna will do great with 2 x (Whatever SS the same) + (SS whatever).


Awwww. So close. Great pun averted by “typo”. :cry:

“Wrapped minds think alike!” :wink: