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Coil Building show offs!


Funniest thing I’ve read in a while! Rofl


Big Fudge!


Dear, you made a Celtic Knot…don’t you see that? It even looks good as a wedding band…


Now quick…call it the VM Celtic Knot coil, make a YT video and get your name out there before some other YTer does and takes credit for it!!! :slight_smile:

Nice work!!


Thanks! I totally coppied it from somewhere… maybe I’ll have to make a slight change and claim it as my own… :thinking: :joy:


Those are badass!!!


wow that is very cool , impressive for sure


Thanks @Skullblade789 & @fidalgo_vapes, I’m super stoked about how it turned out!


I think it is beautiful, but when I see it all juiced, all I can think about is BUTTER!


Awesome work!
You should be very pleased with yourself :grinning:


Quick build on the Big Buddha. I’ll be in a place where stealth is required so out go the FC’s for a while…

Unfortunately, some of my spools are missing so all I had to work with was 26g A1. .5 is way too low for this thing but it’s a pinch situation so what ya gonna do, right? Works, just slow.


Stealth and Big Budda just don’t seem to go together.


“The Big Buddha is an enormous Kayfun-style, dual-coil RBA that holds 10mL of liquid! This tank is everything you love about the Kayfun, multiplied by two! The Big Buddha features two airflow adjustment screws, one for each coil, that are located on the side of the base. Airflow has been increased to allow for easier, smoother lung-hits. Like the Kayfun, this tank has a chamber for your coils that condenses the vapor and produces amazing flavor.”


Managed to figure out staggered fused claptons using the Daedalus. Used large wire so I could see what I’m doing but I feel confident I could do it now with smaller wire.


What’s the first build your gonna throw in that modfather?


The above is a modfather. I’ve tried many builds but I think my fave is simple 22ga SS


Those look awesome! :ok_hand:


I’ve had 30% chance of making 28/40 staggared fused claptons on the Daedalus. For some reason it gets caught up and jumbles up. I can usually do enough to get a couple of coils though. I found that smaller gauge/shorter length works best. Then I run it through the pasta maker to flatten and they come out great.



Never tried to flatten them, maybe next time. If there is a next time.

These are one of those coils that are fun to use and look cool as hell, but to ME aren’t worth the trouble comparatively. I had a devil of a time getting the 40g spacing to work, I actually ended up using 36 for the spacing with the button trick, which I believe is cheating a little. They did work fine but not fine enough compared to basic FC’s for me to deal with the sentence enhancers that come with making them.


Cheat away! Whatever helps you get what you want.
My goto is usually 26/36 SS on the staggered and 3x28/36 on the fused. They are fun to make and admire but if I’m in a hurry or just plain lazy, I usually run simple 24g Ti and have done with it.