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Coil Building show offs!


Decided to try and test my visual limitations. This is 28ga cores with 36ga wrap.


I found the trick when fusing the staggered claptons together is when running the spacer wire to have already started the fuse wire till it’s up against the guide. Then fish the spacer wire underneath the fuse wire where it comes through the eyelet and guide. Next simple hold both ends of the spacer wire and push it against the fuse wire till it pops through. Then all you have to do is anchor one end, wrap the other and anchor it. Works a charm! I would try to manage some photos but I already put this thing back in the box. Sorry :frowning:


I hate when that happens. I switched over to the Big Buddha yesterday because I was at a hotel and of course, ‘No Evil Vaping Allowed’ (say that in a stupid little whiny voice). Anyway, I forgot how great the flavor of this baby is. I get home today and switch back out to the higher powered FC’s on the Iron Maiden. All well and good right? Nope. The flavor is not as clear and bright on the IM. I love it to death, but it just can’t compete with that awesome Big Buddha in the flavor department. Problem with the BB is the airflow is too restricted for good DL, which I really love. But now I’ve gone and muted my flavor for a while because I used the BB. Not sure if this was more of a “What do I hate” post or whatever. OK, end rambling rant.


Go get a steam crave, that will fix it!


I have one.


Which one?


Aromamizer v1 but I don’t use it. Gave the supreme away.


Well, I gave it to a brother in law to try to help him quit analogs. Didn’t work out and he “lost” my supreme. Bummer.


Looking great everyone

Here’s some I did this week.

Chunky framed staple

Polished 19g

Framed staple alien

Staple staggered fused



You are Da Mon (Reggae Voice). CMJ!!!


Stunning as always!


I have the Daedalus pro. Clapton is easy, but fused or staggered fused, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it can´t do it… It don´t work.



It seems it´s called Braid Coil


I’m just calling it the finger killer coil. :wink:


I love coil jewelry, can not lie. How much a pain is that chunky framed dealie to make?

Excellent work, if I say so myself. And I just did.


What is the ID on this and what does it ohm out to as a dual coil build just like you have pictured? I usually use SS claptons, but sometimes I don’t always have time to make them since I still have yet to get a daedalus, which would make things much quicker! Therefore, I really want to find an efficient build like this with 22g 316L and yours looks like what I am looking for!


It all depends on your skill level.

The chunky framed staple consists of

2x26n80 frames
10ply .4k ribbon
Fused in 44n80

Takes me around 10mins to make.

If you’ve never stacked ribbon wire before it can take an exceedingly long time lol.


I’d say I have the skill level, but likely lack the patience. I’m sure there are YouTubes out there showing how to make them, but do you have a favorite one? I’d at least like to see the process…


A favourite what?

Coil build?


Sorry, a favorite YouTube video of that coil build.

And sure, what’s your favorite one to build?