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Coil Building show offs!


As w/ most things patience is more valuable then skill level my friend



It takes both though.


If u never try then u can never fail


Woo Hoo! I can never fail! :crazy_face:


To be honest.

No I don’t have a favourite tutorial.

I haven’t watched a tutorial for a very long time.

Once you gain the basic builds you’re able to progress pretty quickly.

Ribbon stacking is pretty simple.

Learn to stack by measuring out twice the length you need but only half the stack amount you require

Pick up the lengths in the middle and stack them using your fingers in the centre.

Then fold them in half. Creating the amount of stack you require

Bind with some 40g at the folded loop.

Bind the free end.

Add your frames and bind again in the same places.

Then glue the bindings.

Then fuse in your chosen wire.

My favourite builds to make are framed staples or aliens.

My favourite builds to vape are anything that incorporates round and ribbon wire together.


How much of a PIA is the Enigma? Watched a tutorial on it and 5 minutes in I said forget it.


Here’s my thing with coil building. Granted, of course, I have not vaped all that sort of jewelry so I have no authority specifically.

My opinion is, there’s an intersection somewhere between effort and performance. And that line intersects at a low point on the graph in relation to effort. As in, does the vape produced by something like an Enigma outpace something like an FC so much that it’s worth the effort? If so, I will put in the effort to make one. That make sense?


Makes perfect sense. In my experience, I haven’t noticed much of a difference past Fused Clapton’s, and depending on the atomizer, sometimes I prefer regular round wire to FCs. To each their own though. I do like looking at some of these crazy builds. I shake my head and wonder how people have the patience to make some of these builds.


Here’s my scale of how builds perform.

Single wire
Fused clapton
Framed staples

Anything beyond these is more beauty over performance.

Enigmas for example don’t perform any differently than a framed staple with the same specs.

It’s just a beauty thing.


Thank you. Appreciate you guys’ insight.


Aliens are a 3-1 ratio for cores to clapton.

Enigmas are a 6-1.

So if you clapton a piece of 28 in 36, you can wrap that as an alien around anything that equals the same as 3x28. 28g is 0.32mm wire so you could fill the 0.96mm space with any wire types you choose as long as they don’t go beyond by too much that 0.96mm

For an enigma that 0.32mm is multiplied by 6 so 1.92mm to fill inside.

By utilising the 6-1 ratio you can stretch your decore the same as you would for a normal alien but it creates that hump in the middle.


So what I’ve taken from this is…I’ll leave the crazy coil building to pros like yourself.


That is my sentiment exactly.

This takes nothing away from the jewelry you weave. It’s literally beautiful.



I’m by no means a pro lol.

Like with anything else it just takes time and an eagerness to learn.



Don’t be so humble. That’s art there man. You’re very good at it.


stunning, just stunning


I thought I had answered you on this but I don’t see where I did. My apologies.

Best of my recollection the ID was 3.5mm and it came in around .9 ohm on the Modfather series RDA. So that would have been somewhere around 0.23 on a standard RDA.


Thank you, that’s perfect! Thanks for answering me also, because after I asked that I realized that I could have just played on steam-engine till I figured it out!


Don’t forget Patience. Lots of patience.

For me it also take a large magnifying glass. :face_with_monocle:


I only use magnifying glasses when I’m fusing staggered builds with 40g or similar