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Coil Building show offs!


3 strands of 28awg ss316L in parallel, single coil in the tsunami kickin flavor clouds at 40 watts, 6/7 wrap coming in at .25 ohm


Still rocking the tsunami?


Absolutely, I’m an equipment minimalist lol I have 4 rda’s, one rta, and a crown 3 I don’t use since I got my rta lol just got my second mod for Christmas, worried my dna is gonna crap out soon so I got an eleaf 200w tc as a backup lol


todays build 3x26g ka1/40g ni80


Nice! Super smooth looking


Thanks im really happy with the result. start to get tha hang of it haha :slight_smile:


They look really good Nappen


Thanks brother :smiley: move to the other side of the pond and i send u some :wink: :smiley:


You need to put arctic fox on that puppy!


yeah im with u on the Artic fox firmware think :smiley: it´s the best firmware. i run in in everymod i can :smiley:


I have several mods and my favorites can run arctic fox!


That’s why I got it, well that and it was 20 bucks lol saw you recommend it with arctic fox to someone on a different thread, been using it with my boreas and I run tanks in wattage mode so I haven’t uploaded it yet


Brother, consider this… Arctic Fox shines in TC, sure, but it has many other upgrades to standard firmware that make it a great choice for power mode. For starters, those programmable power curves also apply to power mode, allowing you to adjust the entire length of the draw to suit your style. It also allows such options as a set wattage limit, allowing you to cap the mod at the wattage of your choice (this helps in case you accidentally hit the UP button to max and don’t realize it). Plus, voltage offset settings, and the list goes on. It is worth the upgrade even for power mode.


What @TW12 said and I’m glad you like it, I orderd 4 more to have as backups.


todays show off build :smiley: 26g 0.4 ribbon 0.4 corrigaded ribbon, 26g 0.4 corrigaded ribbon, 0.4 ribbon 26g with 40g spaced wrap :smiley:


Nock it off, your making the rest of us look bad!:rofl:


Wrap that thing wide enough and my wife would wear that on her finger! Looks sweet dude.


Sorry @Cutlass92
from now on im just going to make “normal” coils and upload :wink:




twist 2 set of 2strand put them parallel and reverse the directio and u will have an ice looking chaincoil :smiley: