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Coil Building show offs!


ruined i am, he just waltzes in…drops some immaculate build, and waltzes out again, not a care in the world…no thoughts for the destruction he’s left behind…(sniff)


What the heck did you do cut yourself making coils… LOL


well, i made this anyway lol, first time with ribbon,no idea what you’d call it…:confused:


Dirty wicking still in them lol


Can we name it ??? I’ll say Frankenpugs … LOL


I like it :+1:, it certainly is a fugley beast :laughing:


You’ve made a variation of a helix build.

Twisted frames, Clapton centre, helixed with Ribbon.

:+1::+1: good job.

Sorry about dropping in a flitting out again

Been prepping for a 6 hour drive tomorrow for a holiday.

So had to clean my gear down, charge my batteries, rebuild some devices etc.

Just threw a 22gTi build in my griffin for the journey.

And pugs I’ve only been building for 18months!

Stick at it.

Get the basics down and then progress.



is that what it is?? haha, cheers man much appreciated, I’ve been doing it a week lol, I intend to crack on with it though, If I come up with anythin half as good you in 18 months I’ll be more than happy :+1: lol,
Thanks again dude, enjoy your trip :+1:


The Pugly Bastard Coil. LOL
Nice job, bro!


@Jondamon I’m just gonna leave these two links here. Look how far you’ve come, my friend. :wink: And now you’re all grown up and entering coil building competitions and building for profit. Well done! I bailed after that first twisted I did. LoL


love it haha :clap::laughing:


basic stuff really but my first Fused Clapton - duel 26 SS 316L core with .5mm SS 316L Ribbon clapton, 3mm ID
My best for flavour to date, getting the basics down before I make any more ‘frankenpugs’ coils :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


it’s growing…:worried: …lol …


Just got some flats wire today. What size are you using and is it ss or k


I’ve got .5mm and 1mm, and they’re both stainless :+1:


Today’s offering
32 on 26 kenthal clapton with 1mm ss ribbon paralleled with 26 ss all hugging each other in a heartwarming wiry embrace at 6 wraps 3mm ID, 0.08ohm …lovely…but a bit lowly on the ohmage


Very nice. Bet that Tsunami really heats up


little too much for my liking lol, I took them out soon after, I’d like to do the same build using much…much…finer wires :confused: …still learning :+1:


“Still learning?” Well, your stuff looks great. Looks like you are gifted and I can wait to see your builds two months from now.


wow, thanks man, that’s a really encouraging complement :+1:

I’ve literally only been building for 8 days (thought it was longer but I just checked)

it’s those kind of comments that will keep me cracking on!
thanks again :grinning::+1: