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Coil Building show offs!


That is a good looking build… You’re on your way… Keep it up!


Thanks @Pro_Vapes :+1: very nice of you to say so :wink: cheers!


8 days and your already perfecting those complicated builds!

I have some Clapton wire from a friend, I’ll have to give this a go lol


ha, far from perfect, all form and no function, ohms were far too low, I’m practising on chunky wire and then I’ll bring it down to more intricate stuff, thanks though dude :+1:


duel fused Clapton coils (I think is what it’s called) 28g around parallel 26g kanthal on a tsunami. First time I made them! but not the first time I tried


looks tidy :+1: nice job!


Thanks, that’s nice to hear. Just look at some of your posts and your builds are amazing. Your fingers must be made of stone.


ha, thanks man :+1: I’m a total novice though mate, there’s a link further up this thread to some videos, really good and informative :+1:


I notice you use the tsunami as well. It’s my first Rda as I usually use various Rta’s, is it me or is it a particularly messy pup? Are all drippers like this?


I don’t use my Tsunami that much as I’m prone to over dripping. Try the Velocity or Sapor RDAs. Great little drippers and no leaks.


Cool thank


yeah like @Lostmarbles said, it can be if you over drip,it’s got quite a deep well though just keep it upright, its just a real easy deck to practice on, if I need more space then I use my Temple RDA, that things ridiculous, but shallow, it’s what my fused claptons further up are on


Do you find that a large juice well is lost when you’re building such juice hungry coils? Even on the tsunami my cotton is still wet at the bottom of the well. Maybe it’s the wicking but I’ve tried and tried and I still have to drip on the coils after 5-6 vapes despite having juice in the bottom


meh, I over drip anyway, I rarely take 5 or 6 before re dripping lol


Wow that velocity is expensive! Don’t think my wife would be as delighted as me at spending that much. Do you recommend buying clones? I have always avoided them in the past


just my opinion, but I’ve had clones that were better than originals in some cases, I use them a fair bit


Cool I will go for it then. Oh and I solved the tsunami leak issue :joy:


tidy, i mean you can hardly tell it’s there at all…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Get the clone. Tobecco makes a good one and you can get it for under 15.00. Fasttech has a decent one at $9.00.


I’ve been using my velocity v2 clone I got from eciggity.com. No problems with the one I have. Sure, once I have the money I may get an authentic…till then the clone is good.