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Coil Building show offs!


Amazing feedback guys! Thanks a bunch. I have gone for the tobeco, it’s in the post :slight_smile:


That Temple is just insane. I call it my show-off RDA and rarely use it. Two or three hits off that and the nic rush almost knocks me out.


You’re gonna love it!


Anyone use this wire? Seems like good deal.



That is a good price. I just might have to pick some up.


$2.60 a spool it worth trying and prime so I got two.


My thoughts too and I will be ordering some this week. Hell, it’s cheaper there than on their own wholesale section of their website.

Wholesale Pricing

Standard Pricing


Maybe they’re trying to get their brand name out. First time I’ve see their product. Hopefully it works out.


it’s good wire. I’ve used it many times. Just be prepared for the frustrating springiness of the thinner wire. It’ll drive ya nuts, but other than Kidney Puncher SS, that’s what you’re gonna get with SS.


I’ll say this I haven’t found too much spring to geekvape 316L on 24, 26, 28g…as wells as the Clapton wires from advancedvape supply(maybe a touch it I was lazy on my wrap).


Anyone know where to buy wire tamers? Or how to DIY something for controlling wire while on the spool without getting bird net? For a while the Master of Clouds wire came with a plastic tamer installed but I need more.
Hope someone know what the hell in talking about.


Something like this might work



Some very cool builds here. Just really starting out with complex builds myself…it’s been about 6 months of trying new things. Below are some examples of the ones I’ve liked the most. Big props to Squidoode, OhmBoyOC, BlueEyedGoon, and Twisted Messes for their vids and pics. All wire is Lightning Vapes Kanthal A1.

Have some other custom work I’ve done as well, but didn’t know how that would be received here since it’s a coil thread, but would be happy to post if some want to see them.

Dual Alien Coils on Twisted Messes Clone. 3 strands of 26, aliened with 36, 2.5mm ID, 5/4 wraps.

Dual Arched Clapton Coils on Twisted Messes Squared. 3 strands of 26, wrapped by 28, 2.5mm ID, 5/4 wraps.

Dual Staggered Fused Clapton Coils on Big Boy. 2x 26 wrapped by 36, fused with 36, 3.0mm ID, 6/5 wraps.

Dual Stapled Helix on Shuriken. 5 strips of .4mmx.1mm ribbon, framed with twisted 28, helixed with 3 strands of 36, 3.0mm ID, 5/4 wraps.

Twisted Clapton Coils on my Brother’s Mutation X V4. 26 core, wrapped with 36, twisted together, 3.0mm ID, 5/4 wraps.

Framed Staple Coil on Goon. 8 strips of .4mmx.1mm ribbon, framed with 28, wrapped with 36, 3.0mm ID, 6/5 wraps.


Wow that looks like a winner!

Really impressive coils, are you a machine?!


Very nice work there sir :+1: 1 day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s a great vape, and was a lot of fun to do.

Nope. Not a machine. LOL! Just stubborn and too thickheaded to realize my time could probably be better spent elsewhere.


Thank you Pugs. You’ve posted some great work yourself sir.


Some really nice coils you got going there bro, nice handy work for sure. :thumbsup:


not compared to you’rs mate, I’ve only been building for 10 days lol, long ways to go yet, lovin it though :+1: and nice of you to say :wink: