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Coil Building show offs!


sweet work!


Love to see :+1:


Those are the ones I bought as well. Saved me from going homicidal.


Great looking coils, helix are rough for me but almost got a perfect matching pair tonight. Hope you post more thanks for sharing.


Beats the tsunami by a mile. :+1:


My first try at building some claptons from some wire a friend gave me:


Glad you like it. Don’t be surprised at the heat it generates (depends on your build and wattage). All of mine get hotter than most of my other RDAs.


It does get hot quickly you’re right. Was thinking I might just put a simple build in it rather than the more complex type. I just prefer the way it vapes, and the airflow is basically whatever you want it to be.


Ok. Here goes.

Didn’t like the idea of not being able to distinguish my Noisy Cricket from all of the others. Actually had a run-in, at a local shop, where it came down to checking the dripper and even the flavor to figure the whole thing out. Solved that problem with a Copper Saline Etch and the vinyl cutter that I typically use for airbrushing (another passion) masking and sign/sticker making.

Wanted a more elegant way of keeping my batteries distinguishable. Each set is married, numbered, and rotate together, except for the Harley Quinn ones, which I rotate through my single battery mechs.

The manager of one of the local shops wanted a Buddha Z V3, but he hated the chuff cap that comes with it. So, I turned this out of some delrin I had from a previous project and I don’t think he could’ve been happier.

I guess the bottom line is I love to tinker and work with my hands. I’ve recently started selling sets of the Framed Staple Coils I showed in my first post at the local shop. Love having an outlet for creative energies…idle hands get me into trouble.


Right on way cool , Looks good :+1:


Looks awesome! Which batteries do you use for your cricket?


Thank you.


The pairs rotate through. In addition to the Noisy Cricket, I use a Sigelei 150. One set goes in each and the third is essentially on stand-by.


nice work man :+1: where did you get the battery wraps done? they look awesome :+1:


Cool. I meant what brand/type do you use for the cricket?


Did the wraps myself. Started by just getting some generic sets of colors, but was in a bit of a hurry and used a lighter instead of my heat gun, which was heating but not blowing because of what turned out to be a loose solder connection, took care of that and it’s running like a champ. But, didn’t like the way the colored wraps looked and new I could do better. Ended up just finding some pics from the Batman Arkham series, scaled them down to size, added either a number 1 or 2 to the lower right corner, printed, cut, and slid them into transparent/clear wraps, before putting the battery in. Once lined up, which is much easier to do than trying to wrap them around the battery and stick them into the sleeve, hit it with my heat gun on low, which was surprisingly quick and took care of the seams and tearing that I had when using the lighter.


I’ve been using the LG HG2 batteries for a while now. They just seem to have a good balance between life and power. Comfortable building as low as 0.5, but it’s too hot. Found that 0.6 to 0.65 is a nice warm vape for me. YMMV.


what a great idea, I am so doing this


Thanks man


Thanks so much :thumbsup:


Awesome work!