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Coil Building show offs!




Guess I’ll try this next. He makes it look so damn easy it almost pisses me off. Practice, practice, practice and lots of wire. Better get some more 32g also.


well that’s today’s little project then :+1: …think I can manage that without losing a digit in the process :confused:


Hit those, and you are well on your way to staggered fused claptons and more extreme stuff.


I’ve been playin today, I got the spaced clapton technique down after an inch or so, it’s just getting your fingers right with the loop (video) but I do not get on with stacking ribbons at all and obviously it wont work with twisted it just comes together and ends up like a triangle…anyway…practice practice practice lol, need more wire now I’ve gone through all my finer stuff playing today.


One thing that make it easier to stack ribbon and make them stick together is to use water which goes in through the layers of ribbon and hold them together. Just wanted to put it out there just in case you haven’t picked up on it.


yeah I saw that in the video, I just couldn’t get them flat to begin with, I’ll give it another go when I get some finer wires in :+1:


With ribbon wire, before you cut it off the spool use your pliers to pull the end.

When you feel it stretch a little it will stay perfectly straight.

Then when you’ve cut your 4, 6, 10 pieces etc cut all the dog ends to make them exactly the same size and it will help with stacking them.
Personally I don’t use water, good old fashioned saliva works a treat for me. :+1:

Couple of pics!


Thanks man, I’ll give it another go when the wire comes in, ordered some 32 and 34 today, went through a fair bit practising today lol, pictures look awesome by the way, great work man :+1:


If you want staggered can’t you adapt your Clapton rig so the feed is slightly angled?

Wouldn’t that create a space?


So many coils and im sure so many nice coils. I have no problem with you sending a bunch my way :smile: :thumbsup:


@Jondamon In your opinion, if you dont mind, what is the difference in using spaced coils and tight coils?

For clarity im talking about the gap between winds Vs no gap


For standard wattage Vaping not much difference.

I use spaced coils to fill the distance on a deck with a coil that doesn’t reach too well.


Thanks for your reply.

Is it possible you could give us a breakdown of some coils and their differences (flavour, vapour production, ramp up time)?

Maybe pick 3 from your coil spectrum?


@Grubby @Pugs1970

For staggered fused claptons here’s a little trick.

For example.

Clapton 6" of a 12" piece of 26g in your chosen wrap eg 34g

Once complete hold your wrap wire and reverse the drill for around 10 seconds.

Do this twice so you have 2 pieces of 26g half claptoned in 34g that have been reversed

Then mount those 2 pieces parallel ready to fuse.

Then choose a slightly higher gauge to fuse with 36,38 etc.

If using swivels just allow a lead forward on your fusing and the 34 will open up like a cheap hooker to let the 36 etc just skip straight in.
Because you only Clapton half the core it gives you space to allow the Clapton to move each time it fused.

I hope this makes sense? If not let me know.


That sounds like a very interesting way to “marry” the coils and reminds me of something we used to do in the jewellery trade when twisting wires for inlays etc


My every day VAPE is

FUSED CLAPTONS - 2x26gN80 fused with either 38n80 40n80 42n80 or 44n80. Mechanical 5 wrap 2.4mm Dual 0.13ohms. Regulated 6 wrap 3mm dual 0.17ohms.
Mechanical ramps up super quick and has great production and great flavour ( it’s my every day VAPE build so that says a lot)
Regulated Ramps up quick above 70w good up to about 110w depending upon how hot you like it.
Flavours are moist, rich, dense and deep and allow more notes in the juice to be tasted.

Alien coils - 3x26n80/38n80. Mechanical 4-5 wrap 3mm single coil. 0.15-0.19ohms. Very similar VAPE as Fused claptons but look sexy.
Regulated 5-6 wrap 3mm dual 0.11-0.13 can handle up to 250w with a dripper.
This is my regulated build of choice.
Same characteristics as fused claptons but seem to trap and wick juice more effectively than Fused Claptons.

FRAPLIENS or FRALIENS - 2x26n80 frames 4ply .4mmk1 38n80 Alien wrap. 5-6 wrap 3mm Dual regulated device 0.08-0.1ohms. Any build with ribbon wire crispens flavours especially fruits.



I wish i could like this more than once!

Thank you very much!


Forgot to say that the fraliens can handle 200w.

I generally regulate my vapes around 80-110w

The glow shot of the spaced alien Above I’ve been Vaping at 70w and its 0.07ohms as a dual in the griffin.


The fraliens can run single coil 5 wrap 3mm at around 0.18ohms on a mech tube.

Ramp up is pretty quick due to the ribbon wire.

Another good build is FRAMED STAPLES but they react very similarly to fraliens accept the fraliens have the wicking ability due to the alien wrap.

Something like a simple polished 3x26 has great production too.

There’s just too many to choose from lol.

For example aliens as a mech I like 3x29n80/38n80 5 wrap 2.4mm 0.14ohms dual.

Or 2x26/38 aliens 5 wrap 2.4mm

For 2 core Aliens example 2x26 Clapton a piece of 28 in your wrap wire 34,36 etc stretch and wrap over 2x26 cores.