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Coil Building show offs!


Thanks guys , what causes fused Clapton’s to go wavey ? to much pressure ?


mine have always done it, I just use some flat pliers to tease it back


Wavy? Well, the wires whisper, " I do what I want" when they are spinning around in circles. I like to call it the circle of life


A couple more recent attempts that worked


That “wave” is the 2 core wires twisting a bit. When you are done wrapping, leave it in the chuck, grab the other end with pliers and reverse the drill to straighten them out. Using a higher quality swivel will help prevent that altogether.


any advice on what brand swivels to get ?


The last ones I bought were Melton Tackle “aussie” dual ball swivels 150lb test. But anything that has a high lb test should do it. The ones I bought were $10 each and never once slowed down when I used electric drill at full speed.
Hit me if you need more!


That is beautiful.

I am very dumb about building. I have done it - but I don’t do it very well at all…

So lets just say, for the sake of argument I wanted some of those beautiful things in my new RDA for my tank on the way in the mail: (Picture Below) (TFV8 Baby) Now I don’t have any of them fancy coil wrapping machine’s like y’all so I say’s to myself…

“Self…what size pre-rolled coils would I buy to fit in this new RDA?” I’m thinking you may know?

It says absolutely nothing I can find about the size of the clapton’s that come pre-installed.


That rba section is for a dual coil configuration, so you would need 2 coils, one for each side.
Now depending on what ohms you like to vape at that determines what resistance you need each coil to be. Because your using 2 coils the resistance will half, ie, 2x 0.5ohm coils dualed = 0.25ohm.
ID, or inside diameter. On that rba, depending on wire thickness and wraps you should get up to a 3mm possible 3.5. But the bigger the diameter the less wraps you will get.
My recommendation is to get 2.5mm fused claptons and you want the ohms to be 0.5 per coil giving you a finished resistance of 0.25ohms. Nice safe build for a 20 amp battery. JMO! :yum:


You rock, I will buy those right meow.


I’ve never made my own coils but trying out my new Vaping Outlaws Rapture Coils .5ohm and Vaping Outlaws Rayon.

EDIT: Really clean taste! Loving it! :smile:


Hey boys and girls.

Loving these builds that ya’ll are doing

Well done everyone for learning!

Again I can only apologise for my lack of participation within this thread I created but it’s very nice to see you all getting stuck in and keeping this thread alive.

So like always I fly in and drop some pics for you lovely people.

This build consisted of 6x32gK1 cores and alien wrapped in 38gN80 and it was DEFINATELY tough keeping those 32g cores even.

This build was my go to Fralien build. 2x26gN80 frames, 4pmy of .4k1 ribbon and alien wrapped in 38gN80. Mounted into the Petri RTA by DotMod.

This build was 12ply of .4k1 ribbon alien wrapped in 38gN80.

This build was a Fraple. 2x26/4x.4k1/44n80 Dotmod featured this build on their Instagram page which I was super happy about!

I hope you’re all keeping well, @daath @Ken_O_Where @Pro_Vapes @Amy2 @DarthVapor JIMK @Alisa @vaping_tom and anyone else Ive forgotten, I’m really sorry I don’t frequent here as much as I used to.

I want to thank you guys specifically for all the help you all offered when I was first starting out on my Vaping journey.

Much love FAM!



Jon!! I was just thinking about you the other day and I was wondering where you went! I’m not active on here as I used to be either but it’s always good to see one of the ELR OGs now and again, haha.
Man your builds have come a long way, as did your pictures!! Bravo brother! Hope all is well with you my friend!



awesome work man, gobsmacked :open_mouth: :ok_hand:


Im doing well bud, good to see you are still around and still coming up with the karaziest builds that i have seen. Meanwhile im still running simple dual 316L contact coils, hehe.


You’re baack! Yay. I so hope you are well and happy dear Jon.


I remember the old days when I offered you advice on building coils. Now I look a your work with amazement. You’re Da Man @Jondamon aka CMJ.


Jon !!! What’s up man good to see you are still killin’ those builds the pics are beautiful hope you’re doing well.


Nothin’ spectacular… My 1st Clapton build in a long time. They’re all Ti, 34g over 22g, 3mm ID, 6/5 wraps @ .07 ohm in the Boreas. My 1st impression is they’re a cloudy beast, but a little light on flavor. They haven’t broken in yet so i’ll give them more time and see if the flavor improve. Thanks @Samsound for the link to this high gauge Ti from Temco.


Top work bud as always. Look amazing those builds Jon, well done brother :ok_hand: