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Coil Building show offs!


Last nights build on the goon. 27gx2 ka1 with a 40g nicr80/20 wrap, parra with some 27g ka1 dualed ohm’s out at 0.28. Flavour and vapor are phenomenal :ok_hand:

@Pro_Vapes how you liking the ti claptons? Bit slower ramp up?


@Jondamon or any of the rest of you “next level” coil builders. Do you sell your coils? I’m interested in getting some SS and Ti coils for use with temp control. Those intricate looking builds are nice, but I’m all about the flavor. What say you?


It’s been nearly a day and these coils are breaking in very well. The flavor seems a bit brighter than my normal build and the air is more cloudy also.

I’m not seeing much difference in ramp up time on the DNA. I have the preheat set to 75w. It seems to be doing the job.

IMO a simple Clapton build isn’t that bulky and Ti seems to ramp up pretty quick… Even below .1 ohm.


I love Ti claptons! It is what I use in almost everything, besides I still use your deep water build in the TF-R2 dual coil rba for the TFV4, but my obsession with Titanium started with reading all of your posts praising it just when I was getting into building! I just wish I could find some higher gauges of Ti wire. The smallest I can find is 32 gauge.


core is .8 N80 ribbon
framed with 26g N80
wrapped with 36g N80


That’s tight right there. Love it.


The ti fused claptons have a bit of a ramp up on them but theres alot more metal there, tbh I haven’t used a single clapton since i started using fused. It’s generally higher ohm’s also when there fused. :+1:


More wire usually = lower ohms. I’m using the 22g Ti core and it came in at .07 ohm. There’s no way I can fuse them and stay above .05. I’d probably need more wraps and it wouldn’t fit in the tank with a spaced coil build.


Sorry ment to add I’ve been using smaller gauges and ended up at higher ohms.


Someone mentioned in another thread that Temco offers Ti down to 40ga


Also available on eBay and Amazon; search Temco Titanium wire


“Grubby Claptons”

Are you scoping my curves and hot spots?


No! …but I can see your nippers :wink:


Thanks for that little tidbit of info!!! I’m gonna have to check that out!


When I checked they only go up to 34ga but 100ft is only $6.69 USD


That was the max gauge I saw also. I ordered 250ft of it.


Way to long I have been away but I’m getting into the groove again after falling of the horse for a while. I’m doing good now and enjoying vaping and doing a little building again.

Here’s a few that I have done recently…

Glad I’m in the game again :grinning:


And a couple more
ss316L triple core clapton.


Stunning brother :grinning: those high gauge aliens though… :yum::heart_eyes:


Looks good brother :grinning:

Cool to see that you are still rocking those titanium beasts :grinning: never got the hang of it but it might be because of lousy tc mod and shitty 22g ti wire from china​:cry:



Claptoning wouldn’t lower your ohms significantly but added bulk would be a challenge fitting them into the atty… Would be cool though :grinning: I can imagine the flavor :yum: