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Coil Building show offs!


@vaping_tom Coil Porn at its best :blush:


Thanks brother :grinning:

I actually owe my interest into Coilbuilding to a couple of members of this forum :wink:


That could well be true for all of us in one aspect or another :wink:


You know who you are :wink:


I apologise for my stupid reply and have edited accordingly :wink:


It’s all good brother :wink:


I know regular claptons won’t lower the ohms, but I’m speaking about the fused Clapton will lower the ohms with dual cores…


Of course as they are basically just parallel with a wrap. 1/2 the ohm


But get a rda like the Pharoah and run a single fused 22g ti spaced… Bet that would be tasty.

I do fused and alien ss316L and they run circles around regular k1 or n80 of the same kind.


… Taste wise might I add!


Wow…those are great and beautiful pieces of art! It’s nice to see you back around here…hope all is well with you and @Vaping_Sonja !!!


@Pattie I am very curious about TI. I just recently ordered 25’ of 24g TI wrapped a 3mm coil put it in my favorite atty slowly and at low temp glowed it and… WOW!!! I truly can not believe how good the flavor is. I am willing to say that a normal round build was as flavorfull as one of my fused claptons using kanthal, N60 and even SS. Am I correct in this? or am I halucinating?


those are some nice builds bro. the shots are well done also. Do you have an intsagram handle?


Ti is a great wire to use but only in temp control. You should never pulse and heat ti wire until it glows. I find it’s the cleanest wire to use with ss as a close second, ss being more user friendly.
Flavour off both are great. :yum:


I use those words because those are the words every body else uses. I don’t actually glow it . i do pulse it until it changes colors all the way back to its ariginal color. I researched the metal before I used it. It becomes toxic if you heat it to the point were it flakes. Thank you though, for taking the time to let me know.


No problem bud. :+1:[quote=“Dan_the_Man, post:1497, topic:19797”]
Thank you though, for taking the time to let me know


You are correct sir. All Ti wire is coated with a molecular layer of titanium dioxide. It is other chemicals that can form at higher temperatures that can be toxic. Titanium has one of the highest melting points of any element and I wonder why folks aren’t more concerned about vaping the Aluminum in Kanthal? Lower melting point by far and a known toxicity (banned in cookware unless coated) Ti FTW!


Working with titanium is a nightmare, I have a 10inch tube of it somewhere.

You have to pretty much anneal it every time you try and work it, then it becomes brittle and cracks :confounded:


It’s your source of wire. There are a couple grades one is gray and rough and soft, and one is stiff and shiny, which I believe is Medical Grade. I had some of that (a couple feet) and it was impossible. Unsure of UK sources for softer Ti wire but you likely have a bunch of SS wire and it has even more benefits (like you can dry burn it and use in Wattage Mode) so no worries Mate. What gauge is it? I used about 10" of that stiff wire (22ga) to make a little whipper to use inside 30ml bottles …heh worked great until I made it into a couple Claptons


Sorry, you have misinterpreted my post…

When I say tube of titanium I mean this kind of tube:

We used to make Titanium rings when I was working in jewelery and I snagged a length :smile: