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Coil Building show offs!


I know… I cringe every time I see some one glowing real bright. Some of the reviewers on you tube who take it upon themselves to “teach” us (how to poison ourselves). Needless to say I am not very popular with some of them and their fans. :smiling_imp:


This may be cringe worthy in more ways than one, lol. My attempt at building and the glow. I do appreciate both you and @BoDarc putting the info out there.

Nichrome 24 as my core and kanthal 34 for the wrap for my first attempt at fused claptons.

My wrap separated some so I made 3 more sets. One set went into my Griffin. Here is a pic of much tighter wraps.


So, when I’m tweaking these coils and making sure that they are hearing from the inside out, what wattage do I need to be at? Pulsing? How long of a pulse?


Looking killer man! :+1:


very very cool work there man, their amazing :wink: keep it up dude :+1:


I usually start low/med wattage 30s with kanthal and or SS until they get nice and orange. Then I tweak any hot spots. Then raise up the wattage if needed. Pulsing and holding until they get glowing.

I don’t use nichrome or titianium so I don’t want to say the wrong info since those metals heat up at different rates.

Not a pro by any means or definition, just my 2 cents.


Appreciate the input. I really don’t want to do anything stupid to wreck my health.

I normally do 30 watts too. With the fused claptons I had to go a little higher.



Awesome! Thanks for that. Very informative and I learned a neat little trick by watching you use the tool to get the coils burning inside out. I normally do that with pliers and your way is a heck of a lot easier.


Personally with my coil builds I’m looking for colours first and foremost for no other reason than the aesthetics for posting on Instagram.

With all my builds the coils have a few cycles in my USC bath with a mixture of warm water, 2 drops of dishsoap and a cap of Smirnoff Vodka.

Then I mount them in my fully cleaned RDA and the whole thing goes back into the USC for a few cycles to make sure no particles are left over from mounting and snipping legs etc.

After this tiresome process, lol, I then begin pulsing from 12w.

Moving up around 5w after every 5 pulses. Each of my pulses last around 4-8 seconds.

I usually max out around 45w.

It takes a fairly long time for colours to really pop and show properly but they go through a massive variation of colours with n80 and SS.

Here’s a few shots of builds I’ve done lately.

10ply 0.4k1 ribbon
26n80 frames
35n80 spaced Alien Wrap

3x29n80/38n80 aliens 0.15ohms great mech tube build.

Went to VAPE expo UK in Oct and met Erik Hutchinson. Aka the MODFATHER aka Mr AVIDLYFE

And met Matt and Vee suck my Mod.

Hope everyone is keeping well.



5* CoilPorn. Beautiful work! Inspiring really.

Great pics at the expo too.


my first attempt at a triple 26 gage core fused together with 32 gage ni 80 hope you like it


Happy new year folks.

Thought I’d stop by and drop some pics as usual lol.

Groove fused Staggerton that didn’t groove fuse too well.

:arrow_up_small: ASTRO by Augvape and an ARMCHECK lol.


Those look awesome. I want some lol


Can I ask some advice, re alien coils.

Mine don’t want to lay down nice and close to each other, I wrapped 32 around a 26. Took off, stretched so that the bends sort of form 90° Then wrapped in reverse around 3 parallel 26. But not getting the desired results, too spaced wrap and wave just not right.

Git any tips.

Bloody beautiful, a good coil build is a wonderful sight. I kind of like the odd imperfection too. Just 1 or 2 fine ones to make sure it says hand built by man. Awesome.


Are you remembering to Clapton your wire with a different rotation than when you alien it?

I Clapton with reverse rotation on my drill and then alien in forward rotation on the drill.

Try to lead the wrap wire forward away from the drill as it lays over the cores.

I find 32 too stiff to work with 34 or 36 is a lot more workable.

When you stretch out the Clapton keep allowing the Clapton to spring back slightly while your holding it.

Then there’s a point when you’re stretching the Clapton that you’ll feel tension pull against you. That’s the point you stop stretching.

I hold my wrap wire about 10" away from the cores which allows the alien wrap to twist around slightly as it wraps.


Using a key ring to keep your parallel wires parallel? If you’re not try it. Keep it about 1/2 inch away from your wraps moving it as you need. It’s a slow process but it works great.


Yes it is a good idea I use them I saw it on a video somewhere, but I saw a guy with a better method maybe. He raps some 36 around then slides that like a keyring.

Appreciate the help, I think the advice on the stretching might be the key. Thanks.


haven’t posted in a while so here we go. 28g wrapped with 40 gauge twisted into a zipper


I love the looks of that coil! Does that style of twist have a name?