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Coil Building show offs!


Thanks a lot mate


Absolutely stunning, nice work man :ok_hand:


I use a couple of different types of these, for the price they work really well,
Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351890676945


ya thats what I’m talking about. Except need to look for something in the states for that price. thanks @Pugs1970


Thumb joint replacement. Pretty serious, I guess, but things will turn out much better! Only supposed to be down around 6 weeks.
I used to be a 265lb gym rat before my hands went south and the pain had gotten pretty severe even just scissoring dogs. Hoping I can work without the pain and maybe one day find myself back in the gym!
Thanks for asking and thanks for the regards!


I will “hold my thumbs for you” (swedish saying) that everything goes according to plan. :wink:
Hope you get real good real soon.


Thanks, Fen!


That lightbox looks really cool. I gotta have one


Yo @Dan_the_Man check this out. Im getting this one. Idk how to do a proper link sorry



That is one nice Staple! How the fook did you keep so many ribbons stacked? how many?


IT was 18ply of .4 Ribbon.

I take 9 pieces, of .4 ribbon around 12" long.

I pick them up in the middle of the length and they stack a lot easier.

Then fold them in half and if any aren’t stacking properly you can almost click them back into place.

Once I’ve created a loop in the centre where the fold is, I then use 40g to hold and bind the loop.

Then I line them up by running my fingers down to the unsecure end. Cut them all even and bind them again with 40g.

Then add 26g to the outside and bind them to the Ribbon stack.

Then use some .8 ribbon to hold it all in place and use it as a slider for during fusing.

It’s pretty easy once you’ve done it a few times.


Like the look of it so id prob give it a blast myself. Did ok with just 8 just stacking normally and taking things very slow with tape. Seen someone use hot glue to secure the ends on larger stacks which does seem like a good idea and maybe takes a bit of the hassle out of binding at the ends. Also seen folding but assumed things would just splay apart in that process pretty easily. No harm in pairing secured stacks together also i suppose.


That’s a great description man. I use hot glue to bind the ribbon together, only on the ends of course. The ribbon slider trick is absolutely the best. Also, have you tried using some vg to eun down the ribbon when stacking it together? The slight stickyness of the vg really holds the ribbon together and keeps it there. I just recently started messing with ribbon more but its a real pain in the ass! Heres a wire shot of an all .5 ribbon staggerton i made. I was so proud…and then i tried to coil it up. Completely wrecked the coil. Without round wire frames to hold it together it wanted to fold on the flat edge instead of staying stood up on edge. I still have a wire piece but have been too scared to coil it! Its 14 ply with 36g stagger and fuse.

After the attempt to coil


I tried to straighten it out after it started getting bad and it only got worse…and worse. Theres no fixing ribbon once its gone wacky on you. I cry every time i see that pic :cry:


I have a few terrible pics like that having spent all that time in preparaton only to waste it all in a hastey coil wrap twisting like hell. Yeah it was a staggerton build I saw hot glue used on.


A few different builds I have been playing with, Just wish I had a better camera


A little out of focus


Once I get the hang of it


What is this coil called?



Roger, if I remember correctly.