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Coil Building show offs!


Any idea how to make a Roger coil?


The coil came with the iJoy exo RTA


Oh, Roger is a fused Clapton


Surely he’d be called coilin


They look like these…



If I wanted to wrap some of this wire, how do I work out the ohms?



Which one? You linked to all of them.


Kanthal Clapton?

Is there a method that would work for all of them?


I’m thinking 2mm ID 5 wraps…


Steam Engine is the best tool you can use to estimate what ohm your coils will end up on.


24/32 0.456Ω, 26/32 0.681Ω, 28/32 1.019Ω and all is 2mm ID 5 wraps and thats for a single coil according to steam engine.


Thanks!! :smile:



Very nice man, is that a spaced clapton wrap?


I did one of these a while ago. I don’t think I ever mounted it though.


Yes. 32/32 clapton wrapped around 26. 316ss


I finally got myself an OBS Engine and i must say its not a bad rta! Slapped in some all SS aliens made with 28g and 36g.


I finally put a build on the Engine last night that gave me decent flavor. Up to that point I really hated the tank. Still dead last in flavor for me.


And nice coils!


OBS engine is a great tank but you really have to tweak it to make it work for you, coil placement, wicking, airflow, get those balanced and you have a great tasting leak free tank