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Coil Building show offs!


The no leak part is great. Other than that it’s been a lot of cussing at it. Tuesday night I took it completely apart, orings and all and soaked it overnight in water and a capful of vinegar. For some reason no mater what I put in it I was getting a nasty flavor. Last night I coiled and wicked it and still wasn’t happy until about 1/3 a tank. Using it today but it still pales in comparison to other RTAs, IMO.


Can you describe the flavour?

I agree its not the best RTA but it can be a great vape if tweaked enough.

My go to RTA atm is the iJoy Exo RTA, I just can’t fault it, huge deck, bottom and “3D” airflow, super easy to build, choice of dual or single coil deck and 2ml or 6ml glass tanks …



Sour lemon flavor. Just putrid. I have an OBS Crius Plus that I like, Griffin 25, several Smok TF-RTAs. I just can’t find a good spot on the Engine.

Last night I did a 26g kanthal parallel coil, 8 wraps. Wicked it with Muji in kind of a Scotish roll. Laid the cotton over the wick holes and just tucked a tad. The flavor right now is better than I’ve had since I got it.

ETA: dual coil build of course. You have to do some funky shit to do a single coil build on it.


Ive heard from other people that after the first tank od juice they ran through the engine it started to taste wierd. I hope that doesnt happen to me! I set my coils up really high off the deck trying to get them closer to the airflow and i must say its pretty flavorful. Ill see how it goes though.


Thats the way, align the coils tops with the tops of your post and keep them nice and close to the posts


So I’m not the only one.

My thoughts are that juice gets trapped between the metal and glass. Taking the bottom off and the inner chamber out and cleaning didn’t do anything to take the flavor away. Completely apart and soaking overnight did.

I think, if I can remember back that far, the first few days I had it I liked it. Not the greatest flavor but a decent tank. Things when down hill after a few wicking and changing of juice.


I always strip my tanks fully, o-rings and all, then soak them in warm water, then agitate the crap out of them under the water to clean out everything, strong flavours do stick around though, I just roll with it


I need to get my wicking right on the engine for sure. Every rta wicks different which sucks. I can always tell when the wicking is off a bit cause i get a slight harshness at the back of my throat. I cant see any reason why it would give off a wierd flavor though, just from looking. Its a modern mystery! Its made just like most other rtas with the exception of top airflow so maybe thats it? Or old juice is getting caught in the chimney section where it spins. That seam that allows the chimney section to spin might…hell i dont know lol. In other tank news! I been running the iJoy limitless classic with the tri-core fused claptons that come with it for about 2.5 weeks now and i must say im impressed! The coils finally look pretty black and ready for a cleaning but the cotton was immaculate! It didnt have a brown spot on it, even the part that was inside the coil. If anyone is on the fence about buying one i totally suggest taking the plunge. Its a nice, flavorful, accessory filled rdta and very much worth the money. Unlike the combo, this one actually comes with the rda base


i’m trying to get the EXO RTA here locally, but the shops i deal with don’t have them yet. it’s top of my RTAs to buy next and it looks like it has everything i’m looking for. thanks to @Grubby for confirming my thoughts

i got the OBS engine though couple of weeks ago, so far here’s what i noticed,

  • you need good size coils in there to get decent flavor. i first tested my usual dual SS316 28x34 clapton 7 wraps/2.5mm ID didn’t get the expected flavor - the hit is too “weak” - turn up wattage and all you get is hot fumes - think the coils are too small for the chamber size. i replaced to larger pair of coils and voila! - great flavor

  • i think due to the fact that it’s top airflow (this is my first tank with that design), there’s no room to let any condensed vapor “leak out” - which naturally happens in bottom airflow tanks (and we usually wipe them every now and then) - when that tank is near the end, there’s watery fluid that you can see remaining in the tank. i think that’s where the bad flavor comes from. this is condensed nic and any residues from my ejuice. i found that i need to wash/clean the engine every couple of fills or it gets too nasty. just a thought to share

  • haven’t played much with coil placement, but i don’t place them too high. i don’t want the wick to be too long for better/quicker wicking - for now, i just place them at the usual 3mm above the deck

overall, very happy with it. waiting to get my hands on the Exo …


The EXO is an awesome tank but it has a flaw…

The AFC ring is flush with the bottom of the tank so when its on the mod you cant twist it… Also if you get any liquid in the AFC it will slowly come through the gap at the bottom of the tank…

Apart from that though, flavour and cloud production are solid and the build decks are a breeze to build on


Good to know. :+1: Got myexo rta on the way. :yum:


Unless you have a raised 510 on your MOD…


No, nearly all flush. Got my rx200 still and that’s where it’s going to sit.
Just have to see how she does when she arrives.


I just have the Airflow wide open.


That was the idear. Set it how you want it and screw it down. :+1:


okay wtf is that nonsense cuz it looks like a helix with twisted ribbion in it… like it’s pretty but i’m confuse and intrigued all at the same time


My second attempt at framed staple claptons, these are 4 core of ribbion framed with 26 wrapped with 38. If any of you guys have advie on how to make them twist less when wrapping thatd be choice, cuz man are they a pian in the ass. but they come out to .12 (had to make new ones and add a wrap cuz the first ones came out to .09 the mod was not happy about that at all) First one i did was an 8 core single coil 7 wrap which was.19 on the nose


Looking good

A way to make them twist less?

Here’s my method that I use for a 4ply.

Line up double the length you require of ribbon in 2 pieces.

Fold them in half and get them stacked and trimmed creating a loop at the folded end that can be attached to swivels.

Cut enough frame wire to fold in half.

Fold the frame wire in half but place it over the chuck end of your ribbon wire and secure it.

Secure the frame to the ribbon at the swivel end leaving the loop of the ribbon exposed.

Then take some ribbon wire and wrap it around 8 times over the core wires, crimp it in place. This will be your slider for moving up the cores as you fuse wrap it.

Then fuse.

Once fused wrap into your coils.

When wrapping try not to wrap a huge piece of wire as it can distort etc.

If you have made enough cut into 2 pieces and wrap each piece separately.



Glad to see you are getting back together man. I want to talk to you some time about your mods. Mainly to catch up and see what you have going on. But I hear I need to get me one of the new designs. Get well soon bro :wink:


Just a few of my recent coil builds