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Coil Building show offs!


Holy crap you guys are inspiring the hell outta me. I just spent waaaay too much time reading through this thread! I need to do some wire shopping… Maybe I’ll be able to post something cool here some day…:heart_eyes:


evenings are best, brother. we can either chat or you can call


A little between the posts action…


that’s a pretty dope use of the posts


yeah the swivel is a life saver, I don’t think I’d have even wrapped fused claptons if it wasn’t for that. But the next set I make I’'ll make sure to make shorter pieces of wire. I’v been thinking of grabbing some nylon tipped pliers to help me wrap and straighten wire.


You need to look into getting a hohm wrecker g2! I just recently got one after some extensive home research and boy am I happy I did. The g2 can fire the lowest resistance coils you can throw at it. Im talking well below .1. Its a little boxy but feels solid. I could go on and on. If you build coils that just get lower and lower resistance this is a must have. Vapor Cube has them on sale for 50% off, bringing the cost down to around $65 - $75


Just some pics I took last night.

10ply (6ply nichrome80 4ply kanthal) framed staple alien. 26gn80 frames, 34 NiFe48 alien wrap.


Is there a discount code for the 50% off? I’d love to grab one for that price and I’m not seeing it on the website.


Man I love those colors! Great job once again man. :punch:


On the home page. I love my fsk chips, mmmm yeah.

“SLICEPRICE” for a slice & “G2FLASHX1” for the g2’s


Thanks! You rock.


Hey i also found another code that works for the g2 and its even better. If you want the black or orange limited edition versions type in “wrecker130off” and you will get $130 off the price. I just ordered another one in black and got it for $53 shipping included!


That’s awesome! Nice job man


Watch that one. I don’t think it’s the G2 version. The G2 fires down to 0.007 ohms and the one you posted is 0.05 ohms. Not a huge issue but I think someone said that that particular version is not firmware upgradable. I could be wrong about the upgrade but the ohms part is in the description.


well it’s FAR from perfect but so am i


True only the G2 and the Slice can update



Saw this & thought it was a very interesting method. Have not tried it yet as I don’t have spool tamers. Will have to order some. If anyone tries it let us know how you go please.


bit janky but all done by hand no machines


a few ive done recently


Holy smokes, it works! I was debating spending the money for a daedalus but there’s no need now. I tried the button method he spoke off as well, but can’t get it right…yet. Thanks for posting this!